Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


A.k.a. Skynet. Just kidding. :smiley: Decentralized AI could also perform very advanced search on SAFEnet.

It was great that Google hired Ray Kurzweil to work on AI for search, but they need some healthy competition.


Lol but I said DE-centralize, not centralize


Ah so instead of Skynet we get the Borg lol


That would make a UI for IoT devices and configurations a little more doable. Where the control for my Raspberry Pi Sentry bot could be like a web part (right term?) added to the DIY app. I could then control the bot not only remotely but securely over SAFE, Likewise I could have exclusive access to the encrypted video stream from it’s NoIR camera.


At least its not centralized lol


Watching the performance of your vaults can be boring if all you have is charts. I propose: The Grand Carnival Horse Race Game.

Each of you vaults is represented by a horse. Whenever your vaults receives a GET request his horse takes a step.
It features:

  • Customizable names
  • Lifetime statistic
  • Winning odds
  • Multiplayer, other users can register their horses too!
  • Gambling system to bet on horse with Safecoins
  • Instant replay with slow motion and explosions

APP Developer Rewards (Discussion)

Trustless news services would be good. Media based on reputation and trust sucks. Just look at mainstream media, where some reporting of ordinary news is excellent while other reports, like the Sandy Hoax, and the Boston non-bombing, are appalling falsehoods.

The tricky thing is how to achieve a trustless service for information about real-world events. Anyway, it would be nice to have such services, at least as a competition to the mainstream and alternative media we have today.


Can we get a SAFE, decentralized, open source, financial suite like Quickbooks or Sage? These accounting programs are not only proprietary and cost money in their own right but have exorbatant subscription fees attatched to them AND they do not take cryptocurrency markets into consideration. So wouldn’t it be good to have something equivilant or better that a) was open source and therefore free. b) decentralized without huge corporate subscription fees. c) Stored your data on SAFE (or your hard drive for those that don’t have the internet or acess to a SAFE network). and d) Was compatible with cryptocurrencies like safecoin and bitcoin.

(Just to be clear QB and Sage (formily Simply Accounting) are closed source and I’d like to see an open source version made.)


Well what does one do to combat mainstream media? Reasearch alternatives. So automate the process. Anyone can post a news story but if they’re the only one saying it then it doesn’t carry much weight. But if a dozen different people all saw the same thing then it carries more weight. Create a news system based on citations of actual witnesses, video and audio. Text isn’t as worth much as audio and video since it can be easily forged unless you can get a signed document or have multiple witnesses or documentations of the quote. (Not saying text isn’t worth anything, just saying reletively speaking.) If you have video, audo and text together plus witnesses and multiple articles from different sources you’ve got a pretty strong case something happened. Create a program to cross reference all this and store all this data on the safe network and allow people to browse, search and submit new news and data privately and securely via SAFE and there’s your trustless news service. Think about it. Anon witnesses a cop beating someone and so quickly videos it and uploads it to SAFE before his phone gets compromised (or even better auto uploads everything on his phone to safe as he videos). He, or perhaps Trusted Friend if he gets arrested, will then view this later and upload it to the News or if he tags it on the fly it could automatically be uploaded to the news just like a social media post.


Dude, I think this is an amazing idea


@blindsite should build it instead of can we get a it.

Still this is something that many many orgs need. It ought to have a publishing component. I have high hopes for cobudget by the enspiral/loomio team, but ya never know.

I loved the skynet idea too. Google +ai is a bit scary and on the whole they’ve been acting less and less human friendly.


I can’t code. Hence I request it be coded. Also I’m thinking of how it could be intergrated with SAFE and other cryptocurrencies.


Decentralized apps on SAFEnet would be good. What I mean here is decentralization of the apps themselves. Today most apps are developed and delivered as centralized programs. Even most open source apps, although developed in a decentralized way, are in themselves centralized units of software.

A decentralized app model would allow applications to be put together on the fly, Lego-style or even automatically and dynamically depending on the users’ needs.


Here is a thread about organically grown systems: Organically Grown Architectures: Creating Decentralized, Autonomous Systems by Embryomorphic Engineering – Organically Grown Architectures: Creating Decentralized, Autonomous Systems by Embryomorphic Engineering

It would be fun to experiment with a minimal framework for an application infrastructure. This could be a simple API that combines GUI and backend functionality for SAFE. The API only needs to have one single method: call(location, argument). With both the argument and the return value as a JSON string.

For example to create a text editor on the fly: editor=call(someTextEditor, call(someSpellChecker)). And then: call(someGUIRenderer, editor).

I haven’t thought this through :slight_smile: and don’t know if the actual implementation of apps would get horribly messy or not. The combined call for creating the text editor: call(someGUIRenderer, call(someTextEditor, call(someSpellChecker))).

The interesting thing with SAFE is that the argument ‘location’ isn’t to any external server.


Wow! This thread is huge. Awesome. Here’s my vote (not in any particular priority):

  1. Decentralized Exchange (fiat&crypto)
  2. SAFEmessaging / email
  3. SAFEskype!!! / VoIP
  4. SAFEbazaar (^open marketplace for anything!! )
  5. SAFEharmony & SAFEsex
  6. SAFEsearch (^replace google; searches through SAFE + non-SAFE results)

Please add a decentralized anonymous delivery service like Uber for the post office. Like having a decentralized exchange with fiat, this will run into regulation issues but let’s put it on for now.



2 Factor Authentication


Open Source 3d model repository.


Hello, direction towards “Decentralised, community-built MMORPG” would be especially appreciated.

/Thanks to You.


Not really an app, but I think the SAFE network could be a great boon to the modding communities of games. Both to host content and to maybe get some currency out of it. Steam is making it a no-brainer to switch in that regard:


Totally totally right!

I am super into modding old Pokemon games, and SAFE could create an awesome scene for a cohesive DB of all available mods, tools, and open source projects.

People could make their livings doing exactly what they love!