Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network



And there’s a quarter to a third of the reason I jumped into open hardware! On every level, it’s the right thing to do!


Here are mine (I love these concepts, be gentle!) :

  • The Black Apps
    Black Travel - This is the true P2P, multi-mode (Land, Sea, Air… 4 wheels or 2) Uber. No bullshit on this transportation network. Drivers are paid in cryptocoin or cold hard cash by passengers who choose their drivers on a reputation based system. Designed to segue nicely into fleet systems for municipalities. Rates are determined by one of the following methods: Bargaining, average cost per trip of equal distance, and gift. When paying with coins, users are asked to donate 1% of their fare to the black apps cause. Released as a P2P open source app with no need for a central server thanks to MaidSafe.
    Black Eats - No bullshit delivery food run by:
  • Your grandma
  • The guy from down the street who drives for Black Transit
  • The guy from the country who sells your grandma fresh produce
    As far as I am aware, all of these apps are illegal in every “developed” country-- our leaders would rather we eat economically healthy mcdonalds (more like patronage-feeding Mcdonalds, but I digress) than live healthier lives. This is BULLSHIT. I want to build these apps as a bullshit-fighting service to humanity. There are lonely old ladies, farmers who don’t make enough money, and baked dudes who need to pay for their cars. Look, not one fat, slovenly non-productive interest-liver paid in the whole process, no wonder it’s illegal!

If anyone wants to help to build the black apps, I’m opening a repo on github. **** this overbearing passive oppression-- we sometimes fail to even recognize it as such. I want to make the black apps to make the absurdity of current laws plainly obvious. I want to solve urban gridlock. I want to reduce the burden of transportation costs. I want strangers to meet one another. I want a better world damn it, and I want it now.


Dude you’re awesome, and I want a Black app for everything!!!


Not sure where you get that p2p services is mostly illegal everywhere. I mean, Uber/Lyft DO exist (though they’ve been fighting a lot of legal battles, which is good since it brings awareness to the p2p scene). There’s Airbnb, which is also legal. Then there’s all the other stuff which has cropped up after Uber, like (the uber for food).

I’m super interested in the p2p space and may want to contribute/build apps for it. Do get in touch with me if you are, too.

I mentioned this before, and I’ll keep mentioning it, but it seems like what we need is the backbone for all these p2p applications. It doesn’t make sense for each application developer to start from scratch, since there would be an overlap. Perhaps we need a single “hub” app for all p2p apps, such that developers can “plug in” their own code. The core “hub” would provide the user’s profile, ratings (using a web of trust), etc. It’d be best to reuse whatever possible. Perhaps this could be a further extension of a facebook-like social media app. Not sure to be honest–there’s a lot to think about!


Great idea!

but isn’t this what the SAFE network is for?


Yeah, I simply meant some way to make it easy for developers to reuse existing code. Like I said, that could mean a core app that includes many features required for all p2p apps (like the Web of Trust and ratings). Or, at the very least a ready-made template of code that developers can easily integrate into their own app.

Think about it this way: let’s say there is an app called “The P2P Hub”. You go to my profile, where I have a small bio, area I live in, etc. You will then see a list of all the P2P apps that I participate in, either as a provider or consumer. If you’re interested in the ride-sharing stuff, you’d click on that and see my reviews/ratings for ride-sharing. You’ll see how much money I’ve spent/earned on this service (if I want to share it, as it can give make me more legit). This same review system would be used for all the other p2p apps, as well. I’m sure there are a lot more common functions for p2p apps than just ratings/reviews/WoT/finances, but I can’t think of any now. The idea is not to have every p2p developer rewriting the same code over and over again, but make use of existing p2p functionality from a core app.


Live the bliss!

P2P lego blocks. I had a similar thought with inter-forums. Its the job description of technologists but in an open source context. They just accelerate stuff.


Could we make corporate disclosure in a wanted public service context viral? What if most FaceBook pages were accompanied by a link to Aral Balkan’s speech on FaceBook? Only because the end user had voluntarily installed an app that stamped their interaction with the stuff and propagated the public service context in a voluntary fashion with an opportunity at each interaction. It would be P2P. Maybe it would be a ticker tape. Maybe it would a ticker tape or simple set of scores for honesty, reliability, ethics etc. with each number as its own link.

We’ve seen this infuriating technique before, FaceBook and Verizon and other spam engines use it. You get a call from someone and its added some pimping privacy defying spam as if the person were trying to sell their phone through the message to you “Sent to you from my Sony Experia on Verizon Network” This service would stamp in a way that was hard or impossible for firms like FaceBook or Verizon to strip away links and stamps of public service links to stuff from the open source p2p community that would put that firm in the proper context relative to its real corporate responsibility. All though these seem like spam techniques they aren’t because its the end user that determines what is desirable and useful.

In a way I know they’d hate this more than say McDonald’s would hate a Jack in the Box ad at the bottom of every one one of their pages and corporate correspondences. They’d buy Jack in the Box if that was is what it took to stop it. A transparency tag.

But I don’t think large corporations should be able to control their PR anymore, I think the public conception should be based entirely on the public’s real world collective experience with the large firm instead of their wasting our money on spin to deceive us with paid to collaborator networks. I think that stuff should be stripped them. I understand not being able to control PR would mess with their stock price but I think they need to de-emphasize stock because that’s ultimately in the public interest. They also need to be spending a lot less money on trying to sell us stuff and more on better quality and ethics.


While I like your idea black eats will need a reputation system. Not good if guy down the street gives his customers food poisoning or grandma forgets to mention the peanut butter in her cookies and sends someone into anaphalaptic shock.


Shouldn’t be hard


@eblanshey :

Good point. What’s illegal in the second black app is people serving meals for money out of their homes. Today there are sanitation licenses (protection racket for the restaurant industry).


@whiteoutmashups They will both have a reputation system for that reason. I think the reputation system will be far more effective than toay’s system of bribing investigators…


This is brilliant. Too many things get re-written in open source. +10!


i’m thinkin Factom might be a good fit here. combine that sort of record keeping and a solid identity (onename, or keybase?) and you could even create the new decentralized wikipedia where verified identities vote up and down different whistleblower documents, hell you could even put Nikola Tesla’s stuff in there. The more reputation a document gets, the more it becomes common knowledge, like the best design plans for my own zero-point home energy device. That sort of system would definitely verify its truth. I have high hopes for MaidSafe, Factom and Storj in case ya couldn’t tell :slight_smile:

Should we split topics that have a lot of replies?

Lighthouse decentralised crowdfunding platform

  1. Webhosting. Ppl get paid for site visit, steal revenue from Google :smile:
  2. Other than storage sharing, CPU resources sharing for big project calculation, video editing, etc.
  3. Microsoft doc, excel like app.
  4. Create a DB apps like oracle, sql etc.


Jini like system that allows for one to use the keyboard on the phone as though it’s attached to the computer. Or keyboard on computer as phone input. Allows microphone of computer to be used in conjunction with calling on phone. Etc
Allowing recombinant use of all equipment anywhere across the world-- i.e. letting somebody connect all devices and their subdevices like mics / GPS on phones etc to computers, etc-- so instant Keyboard, Video Mouse switch to any system anywhere. i.e. being able to use each other’s computers with permission through direct streaming of peripherals i/o



I’d like to add to this list Open Mapping software like but decentralized. The underlying data for the maps are available at so it should not be too hard to convert into SAFEMaps.


We scrapped our plans for using mainstream crowdfunding.

Lighthouse is wicked fast and is what will be crowdfunding the #ePlug (meshnet, crypto, decentralization) project starting next week.


An app to decentralise Artifiial Intelligence.

So Google can’t use it to take over the world :smile:

And so our biggest existential threat becomes a tool we use, instead of a greater intelligence that causes the end of humanity.

(Also wanted to be the 300th comment, as I have hoped this thread would reach 300 posts and continue to be the #1 thread on this forum for a long time!!) :smiley: