Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Some kind of blockchain based fact checking/cross referenced aggregated(like irvine mentions) news channel. Perhaps this isn’t possible but I’m thinking of this now out loud. Sha256 is the hashing algorithm bitcoin uses to mine and that and the fact it is distributed keeps it secure. So is it possible to imbed a news source somehow in the code of a forked version of bitcoin so that when a new story (like a transaction) is sent it is cross referenced with fact checking sites that can be like (bitcoin improvement protocol)ed into the code? Crazy half baked meta thinking I’m sure but if info was distributed cross referenced aggregated and fact checked by consensus I might feel better about the news. Who knows. Any input?


You could have a public MaidSafe site which would aggregate and cache news items (or where people could submit news). Readers could sign stories using their private key. When browsing any particular item a client-side app could parse the list of folks who signed it and cross reference it with your list of contacts or ID’s you recently exchanged information with. But that wouldn’t tell you whether any of that content is actually true. It’d be more like FB likes.

As you said you’d have to have a source that would be paid for their work on fact-checking these stories, which is like paid news sites that we have today, except that we could have these fact-checkers post deposit which would be taken away from them. Of course they wouldn’t be so stupid to expose themselves to that kind of risk if they didn’t get paid for fact-checking each piece of news. I don’t have a good idea for a free human-based verification of news.


I like that your semi solution works on safes mechanisms though! Blockchains def have a place and I think that lies in benefit of the public. I’ll think more about this I hope you and others do as well because the thing is when I hear news or hear someone tell me news I think “who is they?” How do I know this isn’t bullshit besides my own bullshit filters like the chat bot that “passed” the Turing test. Sounds impressive but I knew it was bullshit despite being everywhere but if I didn’t know some of what I know how could I know? This is an issue, though I think the aggregated news partially solves this. Only until media manipulation reaches even larger scales. Thank you for the comment @janitor


You’re welcome!
Yes I think it’d be nice to use Safecoin for everything of this nature (if possible) because we’d want this content to be based on the SAFE platform (although currencies are fungible, I think in this case it would be fine to use just one so that you can pay for storage to store your content, get paid (through your app or organization/portal that gives you part of their revenue) and pay for your own storage needs.
This is just one example of how a person with a crappy 5 year old phone can make a business doing fact checking (sorry this is off-topic and related to other discussions how freebies are needed to get the poor on the SAFE network).


Yes filter the filter. If the checkers were truly open minded, without conflicts of interest and redundant. Its noise cancellation. Filters bots that read and write stories.


a huge decentralized MMORPG!!!

One that allows users to create objects, like:

  • characters (& upload well-known ones)
  • furniture, weapons, foliage, etc
  • entire settings
  • …and more!

and somehow rewards them based on how much the community uses their creations.

I imagine this ONE GAME taking over ALL PREVIOUS GAMES, and it has all the worlds inside of it, like different planets. for example, in this game, you could travel to the Super Mario 64 world, and fight through the different levels in the castle’s paintings, and beat the enemies to get stars, and whatever…

…and then bring those back to larger planets with HUGE GRAND EXCHANGES!!! and sell those “mario / zelda / call of duty / WHATEVER THE GAME IS” items to other players for a common currency…safecoin?? (exchangable for USD/fiats?!)

Basically, uploading all previous video game worlds, characters, objects, etc onto ONE HUGE EPIC DECENTRALIZED MMO!!! (which will take over forever)

and then when a company/person wants to make a new video game, they just add it into this one,


Why not create this alternative, where EVERY NEW GAME THAT COMES OUT is basically just a NEW EXPANSION PACK to this EVER-IMPROVING VIDEO GAME???

Decentralised MMORPG on the SAFE network


So everyone has a smartphone these days, yeah? Why not make an app on this network (SINCE THE SAFENETWORK HAS PERPETUAL DATA, PERFECT FOR OUR EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE BASE) that people all take pictures of all the animals/insects/plants they see, and the app indexes all of these shots, puts them together by genus/species/whatever (i’m not a biologist) and we make a…


Birds, bugs, animals, fish, plants, flowers, trees, etc!!!

The app will recognize, like, “oh, that’s a Blue Jay, formally called Blueus Jayeousostocus!” and every time someone takes a picture of a blue jay it gets uploaded and helps the app learn about it (and formulate its own 3D model of a generic blue jay from all of the picture inputs), with GPS so it knows where they stay / migrate to, and we can see a map of areas populated by each species, so we can go see a particular species if we want!!!

Also, if we point the camera at a plant/animal/whatever that has already been documented, then the app will tell us what it is!!

Just like a POKEDEX!!!

Imagine how fun it will be to go out into nature, learn about all the plants and animals and fish and trees in our backyards and even have the thrill of seeking out new species and stuff!!

and it all adds to the global knowledge pool!!



By the way, CCN iReport seems (based on the layout and URL format) to be using Jive on their site where they collect end user reports.


How would gambling work. It seems like the app builder/ site owner might be double dipping. :wink:


You don’t say what kind of gambling and how it’d be implemented, so it’s impossible to tell what might or might not happen.
AFAIK the SAFE network doesn’t provide a mechanism for betting or gambling, so whatever 3rd party betting/gambling app is stored on the SAFE network it’d run the same way as it runs elsewhere.


I would like to see a cross device (PC, phone, tablet, etc), cross platform (iOS, Android, Win, *nix, etc) communications app that allowed for voice, video, and text (with attachments) and be 100% encrypted, distributed and secure. Something that does not allow for bugs and backdoors to capture your communication, even at the device level.

If done properly, the only things that would be able to still intercept the communication would be the keystroke capture devices / bugs or the monitor cable hacks on PC devices. But if everything else was encrypted to the point that even firmware hacks, GSM / cellphone stacks with backdoors, cell tower sniffers, stingray and the like would all be useless… Is it possible, or are the existing backdoors in the hardware so pervasive that the app wouldn’t be secure no matter where and to what degree the encryption happened? If the root OS (Windows, Android) and or chipsets (intel, Qualcomm, broadcom, etc) are gathering the data at the core level, then it is nearly impossible to overcome this. Meaning a SAFE OS with SAFE certified hardware is needed to boot.

Case in point, “blackphone” is a noble attempt to secure communications, but it still relies on backdoor ridden cellphone / GSM communication stacks, so it is not really secure. Or is it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to really be secure in your person, houses, papers and effects, in the modern world?


Indie Phone?


For me I want to see an app similar to Oracle’s VirtualBox.


A live streaming app…like bambuser or UStream.

I want an app that records live and uploads to the Safe Network immediately at the ‘push of a button’.

As soon as recording begins, it should be viewable online. I know that level of response is probably difficult but as much as possible. The app should also integrate into social media somehow in order to maximize exposure…like a failsafe for people in case they need a third party documentation (video is objective to the extent that people interpret it) for law enforcement encounters that erupt.

Given today’s atmosphere in the US regarding Law Enforcement it would be nice to empower people to record and posted in real time while events occur…it could be the necessary compliment to the potential law enforcement body cams if they occur.

Inspired by Ferguson and Kelly Thomas…


As soon as the entire file has been uploaded, it can be made visible on the network and played back. I don’t think there’s much difference between video and PDF files in that respect.
You can’t stream the file as long as the recording begins because you don’t have a file at that point (and also it’s not on the network). You can broadcast the video as you record it, but that’s not sharing a file, that’s broadcast and people who want to watch it later (not live) need to playback from a file.


David and I spoke with Aral a few months back. Nice guy and very passionate and knowledgable about privacy, a great speaker as well. It’ll be great to see how Indie phone develops and hopefully with the SAFE network at its heart. We’ll see how things develop.


Am I dreaming or what… It seams to me, SAFE network can deliver AWS and Azure services? The difference is the decentralization and its network manages and secure itself?

yes… I’ll be a farmer alright…


Your not dreaming :smiley: its what we are doing.


Nobody else wants a decentralized, community-built MMO?!


What about decentralized computing services on the network? Seems even more radical than a decentralized database.