Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

You will need to trust the proxy though and know all your views are traceable in that instance. Still good idea, but we would need to confirm all the bad points and look at mitigating those.


It’s also like IPFS gateways.

What about a type of stock market, it’s basically stablecoins each backed by the individual stocks, so you need to trust a 3rd party, but perhaps even there could be multiple parties or companies that redeem these coins for the stocks for a fee, to mitigate any redemption risks.

But basically you would have like apple coin, that you can redeem for 1 apple share through some sort of system that someone would have to build.

Does this idea make any sense? We can add it to the list with the other potential community ideas.

It would close the loop and allow anyone to purchase and invest and own contemporary stocks completely decentralized, just thru blockchain.

Just like how they have projects doing this for gold today DGX etc

And similarly, eventually when even more stable coins exist for the different countries currencies, a decentralized blockchain forex dex could exist, which is currently the largest market in the world. Blockchain revolutionising finance like it was designed to. This part seems in the inevitable pipeline already anyway, as pieces come together

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Saw this minutes after reading your post:

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Was just reading news on the Yellow Vest protesters in France calling on their supporters to withdraw all of their money from the banks.

If something like this happens in the future when SAFE is up and running it would be good to have like a SAFE Grocery store online to be able to buy food with safe coins.


I just requested an app on the google form for a Safe ‘steam’ or safe game library. I think having a platform that could handle multiplayer and then creating specific plugins for each game engine it would give developers more freedom to develop for the safe network. Some other nice features would be user profiles, custom mod workshop, stat tracking, leaderboards, and achievements.Also, having one spot for all your games is a nice idea I hate how every game company now has its own launcher and even if you get it on steam you still need the launcher.


I’d really like to see a SAFE app that would basicaly does the same things that Google does with location history.

When I go on vacation, and when I visit a new area, I like to check which path I took with a good precision. But what I hate is that Google knows that also…


Who wants to write the first Lunar Lander game for SAFE based on the actual Apollo 11 lander computer code?


We had that on the PDP 10 at our uni and it was made into a game. That was back in the 70’s


An unparalleled decade for rock music.

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One could even expand this to: a SAFE app that allows users to monetize their own location data. Location data presents an entire ecosystem of potential value. However, location data is highly sensitive. Outside of a dApp approach there isn’t a clean, efficient way for users to leverage their data (location or otherwise) more broadly in realizing greater value.


Also bio-metric validation systems. No need for your digital fingerprint/iris scan etc, to travel across wires to be intercepted. Keep it in the local machine/app and only in short term memory (hopefully encrypted). Right now all bio-metrics fail as they use servers etc. We can do better.


I posted earlier about a SAFE DAW, a digital audio workstation for the SAFE network. And I now found an open source project called Ardour. It could be modified to work on SAFE and compiled into WebAssembly so that it runs in SAFE browsers. And support for WAMs (Web Audio Modules) can be added. It will be difficult to make traditional plugins such as VSTs work in SAFE browsers, but the WAM format is a simple wrapper on top of web audio so that will work directly in the browsers.

I have no experience of doing these kinds of ports, but anyway, in case someone else wants to do something like that. Although performance needs to checked, to examine if web audio today such as with Audio Worklets has enough performance.

EDIT: There is also an open source project called iPlug2 that allows compilation into WAMs.

EDIT: Another open source DAW is LMMS.


Would a VOIP app could be implemented on the safenetwork? And how it could work?


Could be same like free payment and chat. Video calls probably too large.

It is suggested that the way to go with direct comms is for SAFE to securely negotiate the connection and the two either connect directly together or there be at least one relay node to scrub the IP address

EDIT: maybe an APP that the user gives it permissions can do this negotiation.


I’d like to be able to share my location and diseases I carry as exactly as possible, but without sacrificing my privacy. But is it really possible? Or: how to obfuscate the location without crippling the app?

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Break the world in to roughly equal sized chunks, with much smaller chunks in cities and much larger chunks out at sea. In geographic mapping circles, this is called resolution.

Assign illnesses and number of people in aggregate to each “chunk”, then people know that within 100metres of them in a city, there are 31 people with Coronavirus, etc.

Uber published a great blog a couple of years ago about H3, their hexagonal / pentagonal map resolution system, it’s recommended reading for anyone who wants to provide performant information overlaid on a map at varying resolutions:


Not exactly an app, but a cloud OS that not only grants a safe access to your data, but also allows you to do stuff with it and access doing stuff with it from any device, anywhere. You would basically do your work using mostly the computing power of the farmers and their devices. This could actually mean even regular folks can work on projects that require huge computing power without a powerful machine, from anywhere.

Could it be done?


No, not as the network is currently planned to be built: at the moment, the SAFE network is essentially “just” a file system, all the processing your computer needs to do is still done locally.

There is a vision in the future that they could add containerised computation, where the farmers securely execute code within an encrypted environment, but it would have the following drawbacks:

  1. It’s very hard to implement safely, where the code running in the container won’t be able to breach the container and access your machine directly.
  2. It’s even harder to implement in a way where the owner of the machine running the container doesn’t have access to your data as it passes through their machine.
  3. It’s slow as molasses, so trying to run a real-time application like an operating system on top of it wouldn’t be feasible.

The only way this would work would be if someone essentially implemented an operating system in Javascript and ran it directly in the SAFE browser. Your machine would still be running the operating system, but it wouldn’t leave any traces on your machine and all the data would be stored in the SAFE network. Again, this would be hellishly slow… unless instead of trying to virtualise an operating system, they essentially built a brand new, stateless operating system, specifically designed to run in this environment. This wouldn’t be an OS as you know it though, it would essentially be a very feature packed website.

The amount of work this would take would be monumental, if I started writing code for it today, I’d likely still be working on the proof of concept in 6 months time.