Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

This is very much the purpose of all of the SOLID stuff you will see mentioned from time to time on this forum. For a very simple example of this principle (not using SOLID), see my app safe://checklists


Wow :open_mouth: that seems to be awesome. Thank you for the information. I’ve read the word SOLID earlier on this forum but havn’t really understood what it was.
I’m really happy to see such amazing, ambitious and working projects :smiley:
Since I came on this forum, I’m less and less pessimistic about the future of internet :slightly_smiling_face:


Could there be a point of sales system for a bar or restaurant?

The creation of a solid developer’s community is probably the most important goal for now, they are the creators of what we use, after all.


When a truly free, censorship-proof, universally accessible, sustainable SAFE Network is up and running I want to see a wiki-type website and community which comprises all the fantastic features of the MediaWiki software, but which isn’t hampered by its shortcomings, including its tendency to form lobby-esque consensus communities that manage to foist their special interests onto the whole community and project.

In addition I want this website to be open to expansion and recombination in any direction: add all media ever published (even private communications and binary files for those who would wish to do that, for whatever reason) and organize it, make it searchable, index it.

I want this website to feature deep levels of customization, even to the extent that using one module instead of a different one for the same general purpose, might make it partially incompatible with other existing modules.

I want rfc-like standards that will have to compete with each other, perhaps carrying the quality of backward and upward compatibility, perhaps adhering to some existing standards, or not.

I want different models for user identity integrity to be tried, different models for conferring/earning trust. Models for giving out merit points based on activity and popularity and perceived authority.

I want to see competition between module-clusters with convenient translation tools for users wanting to jump from one to another or to gain full or partial access to another in addition to where they already have a membership. Of course, any module-cluster community may set up that no member may connect to module-cluster “Z”, even if that module-cluster provides all the tools for practically doing so. And indeed module-cluster “Z” may even devise a “secret” work-around making it, at least on the outset, possible to stealthily join them and at a later time transfer their full “basic user” identity (if such does exist). Perhaps people may have identities at different levels where those who choose one universal user identity, across all applications will receive the credits and trust becoming to such openness and transparency.

I’d love to see a framework ready for individuals to begin chronicling their local municipalities, local politics, the parties, the individual politicians, which again would trigger and encourage citizen journalism. And the same for companies, not just those which Wikipedia would deem “notable” and to any minuscule level of detail. And products, documenting individual products ,their quality, their market share, customer comments, media coverage, comparisons with competing products. And books and all other sorts of literature…

This would be a catalyst for so much human-to-human activity and community involvement!

Please people, make this happen!

[I originally posted this as My vision for a universal community and database website]


SAFE Route Planner

If only there was a client side route planner that could consume open data.

Oh wait…


Remember your magic 8ball is supposedly answering your question so the answering sentences cant be totally random and need to make some kind of sense. For example: “Will I ever find love?” Cant be answered by “Carrots are orange.”

Well sometimes it will hit and sometimes it won’t. But in my own experience with a few different oracles used pretty compulsively it can be astonishing. So much so that I just accept it now. It taught me early on that the right answers were good and the right questions better but even with both together, given the human condition, it may not be enough even for personal situations. But very good as far as it goes even to the point of enhancing trust.

I’ve been having some time to think over the holidays.

This is not a one single app or website idea more of a thinking out loud and strategising the process.

The purpose of this thread and of course the ideas in general are to come up with essentially a method to target and attract new web traffic into the SAFE Network.

I think we need to look at other models and learn from what others have previously done.

Tor attracted users who wanted to buy and sell drugs and other illegal things.

Bitcoin attracted people from a variety of interests, money, computing, cryptography, politics, economics etc.

OpenBazzar was like a combination of the above.

What we are doing is similar but yet different were not repurposing anything. We’re not targetting a type of crowd to buy X or with an interest in Y were saying the current internet is shit, we have a new one.

But still, how to engage people that make the effort?

All of the biggest sites on our current Internet had this same problem originally. Users. How to keep users attention for just long enough.

And most of them admit to filling their sites with content and discussions in order to attract others who also want to contribute but also make it seem like a fun party to be full of people.

It’d sure be sad to see all of the effort fail if people decide to visit and once they show up no one is there.

I’d like to propose that along with all of the wonderful ideas people are sharing and aiming to work on that all of us at least collaborate on the one thing and I think that should be a forum. Or like another member said, a bar. (The Pub)?

When people arrive if they can be welcomed into a place that is full, buzzing, lively, action filled, they can ask questions, we can help them out, point them to cool things, and generally just offer a place to be social I think that would give this safe project the legs it needs to stand on.

The other examples I mentioned had something similar. Tor provides access to a couple very well known forums and marketplaces and who hasn’t heard of the bitcoin talk forum?

If we all agreed and achieved at least any sort of consensus before we all start filling the network with unicorns and adventure rides I think that would be a good thing to agree on. A forum of sorts. As a welcome page.


Not sure about “Most Wanted” but a “Quick’n’Easy” app for someone with the knowhow would be Safe Pocket. Pocket, now owned by Mozilla, is a really convenient way of saving articles for future online or offline consumption. It converts them into a Markdown-like format for easy reading. I use it all the time to save and catch up with interesting stuff on commutes and holidays. A one-click way of saving articles or sites from clearnet to SAFE via a Firefox / Chrome plugin and SAFE Drive would be very nice - and possibly even currently doable?


This is a good thread but I guess lost in the chaff. I’d like to go back to the original thread - where are we on each of the below - any being developed currently or waiting for beta?

“SAFE-Med” Decentralized medicine
SAFEleaks? (Anonymous whistleblower app) +19
SAFEskype!!! / VoIP +15
Decentralized Exchange (fiat&crypto) +13
SAFEbazaar / SAFEbay
(^open marketplace for anything!! ) +11
Global Federated News (reddit-style?) +11
SAFEdrive (FINALLY!! Our virtual E: etc drive, from SAFE is here) +10
Azure/AWS +9
Anti-Spam (by charging for messages) +9
SAFEmessaging / email +8
Web dev app +8
SAFEhub +8
(^to remove open source projects like MaidSafe from dependence on centralized “GitHub”)
SAFEtube (w donation button for the artists) +7
(^YouTube replacement, free of ADS and censorship)
Video recording straight to SAFE cloud +7

Firefox plugin for SAFE +7
The Grand Carnival Horse Game (Gamified vaults performance as horse race) +7
SAFEsearch +6
(^replace google; searches through SAFE + non-SAFE results. Open Source)
Complete database of all public domain works +6
Photoshop replacement +6
SAFExchange (stack exchange replacement) +6
Decentralized community built MMO!!! +5

SAFEcasino - Ultimate NO FEES casino for SafeCoin!! +5
SAFEbook social network +5
File sharing app +5
SAFEbrowser +5
Genomics / Protenomics +5
Free 3D printed designs database +5
Rent paying app (like OpenRent) +5
Nomination & voting system +5
Word etymology app +5
Datakind +5
(^academic sharing of computation)
3D printing self-sufficiency tools app +5
SafeCoin lottery +4
Blank app template +4
SAFEharmony & SAFEsex +4
Localized community pages +4
(^for news & Craigslist-type things)
Virtualbox +4
A Safe: Time lock with a deadman switch +4
Recipe mixer app +4
Indie phone +4
Live music jamming app +4
SAFEstarter (kickstarter w sfcoin) +3 <— my fav
dUber - Decentralized Uber (NO FEES!!) +3
Cross device encryption +3
Ultimate Photo album app +3
Wiki app +3
Webshop +3
Drag n drop website creator +3
SAFEtweets (twitter) +3
Big data app (for AI) +3
App to Customize SAFE’s appearance +3
SAFE PopcornTime +3
Automous Car Driving app +2
SAFEweaver (dreamweaver for SAFE) +2
SAFEtime time bank +2
Distributed Computing +2
Finger print sender +2
SAFEtorrents (if even necessary) +2 type music +2
(^see new aspiring artists nearby, like in your neighborhood)
Crowdlets +2
interactive database app +2
(^could be used to db anything, planets, species, etc, with touch interface?:slight_smile:
DuoLingo Language learning +2
SAFE Network speed tracker +2
SAFEpoker w SafeCoin :slight_smile: +2
AGI (in your pocket!! Think “Her”) +2
Pokedex of real life species +2
Paid, non-intrusive ads +2
Lighthouse +2
ChangeTip +2
Shared Stuff +2
Anonymous translation service +2
Family resources +1
Consolidated User Controlled Online Profile +1
Yellow Pages +1
Blogging platform +1
Crypto Will App - distributes assets on death: example
SAFE Route Planner


One Idea I think I may have raised before for someone more qualified (feel free to take it and run) would be a clearnet website that acts as a kind of proxy viewer to the SAFE net.

This way when discussing, sharing, linking or doing any sort of media or anything of the sort on the clearnet we can say to folks “here check out some of the cool things on the SAFE net” they go to the site, they have a look but for full features they obviously need to DL and setup SAFE.

Even if something like this is not technically possible I think a lot can be done with images and video.

I think for many people this step feels much easier than downloading and setting SAFE up, you can quite easily capture more people with this method I think.

Of course there is the issue of us not having anything good show them in which case they get bored and this stuff this, waste of time.

But nevertheless still a good idea IMHO. I’ll pat myself on the bat :slight_smile:


This has been mentioned before indeed I believe. It will inevitably be done once SAFE will be popular. The main challenge could be to get the SAFE DOM API working, i.e. the scripted interaction with the SAFE Network from the website. The static pages would be less of a problem. It’s similar to the many Tor2web instances.


I like this idea. But a SAFE Browser where you can create an account in minutes (if you want one) would also be great. Like you say, no setups etc. Just: here’s our browser, feel free to create an account.
Maybe a little 1-time POW-challenge as little as 5 minutes (like there now is for Vaults) for when people want an account. Just to prevent spam in the early days during the next alphas.
But it’s so easy for me to imagine that, quite some work to create it I guess.

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You will need to trust the proxy though and know all your views are traceable in that instance. Still good idea, but we would need to confirm all the bad points and look at mitigating those.


It’s also like IPFS gateways.

What about a type of stock market, it’s basically stablecoins each backed by the individual stocks, so you need to trust a 3rd party, but perhaps even there could be multiple parties or companies that redeem these coins for the stocks for a fee, to mitigate any redemption risks.

But basically you would have like apple coin, that you can redeem for 1 apple share through some sort of system that someone would have to build.

Does this idea make any sense? We can add it to the list with the other potential community ideas.

It would close the loop and allow anyone to purchase and invest and own contemporary stocks completely decentralized, just thru blockchain.

Just like how they have projects doing this for gold today DGX etc

And similarly, eventually when even more stable coins exist for the different countries currencies, a decentralized blockchain forex dex could exist, which is currently the largest market in the world. Blockchain revolutionising finance like it was designed to. This part seems in the inevitable pipeline already anyway, as pieces come together

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Saw this minutes after reading your post:

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Was just reading news on the Yellow Vest protesters in France calling on their supporters to withdraw all of their money from the banks.

If something like this happens in the future when SAFE is up and running it would be good to have like a SAFE Grocery store online to be able to buy food with safe coins.


I just requested an app on the google form for a Safe ‘steam’ or safe game library. I think having a platform that could handle multiplayer and then creating specific plugins for each game engine it would give developers more freedom to develop for the safe network. Some other nice features would be user profiles, custom mod workshop, stat tracking, leaderboards, and achievements.Also, having one spot for all your games is a nice idea I hate how every game company now has its own launcher and even if you get it on steam you still need the launcher.