Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

haha cheers @happybeing It’s certainly what I wake up everyday hoping to achieve :wink:

This is one of the most important points I can’t stress enough. I think we all see projects mention “oh please give your suggestions” and they might/might not use them. In our case while there isn’t a better way to ask for this same info, your opinions are of utmost importance in getting these features exposed right. No point building a killer app that your users cringe to use at the end of the day. Wouldn’t call such an app a killer app. So I’d say to anyone, please don’t think a suggestion might have already been mentioned/might not be the best. Do suggest them. It always helps to consider varied angles before picking a strategy for an App at the client end.


Here’s my breakthrough idea: I want a native client app that doesn’t do anything.
And I want it packaged for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Then I can avoid to build the scaffolding and hopefully “just” insert code in the blank space.

A simple and stupid DIY app that could be created from such template would be a static “home page”. The point is it’s going to be available, it’s going to motivate people to want to use the new network. and get Safecoins to circulate.


An app that allowed me to tag my data, assign tags to each file and folder, and then seach and display it in different ways. Say i have 30gb of music what percent of that isheavy metal and what percent is jpop and how much space does each take respectively. What % of that music makes me happy? Yes you can do a fair bit with folders but they’re limited. It would also be good if this could integrate (but not be limited to) a music app. This makes me think not just of muvsic management butalso streaming and catagorization like pandora and hmm come to think of it stumbleupon isn’t much different just it targets websites. Is pintrest that much different except it’s for pictures? So basically sort your data with tags, lists and by types then include a randomizer that can learn based on your likes and dislikes. Allow a user to make certain segments of their data public and to browse public databases and voila you can look up random pretty pictures/videos while listening to randomly generated playlists based on your favorite genre, or your mood, or whatever tag you pick. This would be good for content creators as well because they could tag their stuff and make it public, similar to how one shares posts on social media.

Incidently I just had a thought: if content creators end up with the ability to charge to view their content one could filter out such pay to view files or set ranges as to how much safecoin you’re willing to dish out. Also having a donate to creator button would be good.

SAFE TWITTER (btw this won’t save Twitter)
This great app would work like:
Every character you type in costs money, but here is what makes this a real killer app.
-You also have premium accounts, if you pay let’s say €1000 you have unlimited characters
-With your premium account you can set a price that people have to pay if they want to follow you (Wow I’m getting paid to get followed F#$!@ you stalkers, celebrity would drool for this tool)
-Your followers can send you a message, beside the message you get the Safecoins from the characters they type in
-You can also set your account to “Pay To Read” follower see a preview and have to pay to read the rest of your article (Great for newspapers & bloggers)
-You can offer your content on a subscription base
-Here is a feature to get a lot of people angry, you can let them comment for free, but later decide that they should pay and if they don’t pay they are in debt and this info will also be visible to others (LOL)
-You can also add a picture, but we all know that that is a thousand words so it i’ll be pricey
-Hmmmm maybe you can even add an video, but only millionairs can afford it
-Here another premium thingy, you can add this app to your site, so commentors pay money to say nonsense. Here’s the NSA version, commentors don’t have to pay, but their data will be use for AI optimization and as controle tool (Disqusting).

You send let’s say 1,10 Safecoins to the lottery’s address. It a 10000 Safecoins lottery. So 10000 people have to send 1,10Safecoins, but ofcourse you can also send 110Safecoins decreasing the number of players, the house receives 1000Safecoins and 1 of the players wins 10000 Safecoins. Each player gets a number that they don’t know, they also have to pick a number between 1 and 10000, if you put in 110Safecoin you still may only pick 1 number. The number that is picked the most wins, but 1 number can’t be picked more than 100 times, to prevent grouping. The winner is determined by the players and it’s totally decentralized and anonymous. Life is a gamble…

We all know that IOTs are a crackers dream. Maidsafe would shine if we had an great app to run IOT devices in an safe enviroment. Maidsafe is the safest place for devices of these kind. Manufactors will just keep doing what they do (totally not secure devices) and when all hell breaks loose if you create an app to come to the rescue, you will go down in history…


I don’t know if this would be better facilitated by other apps or established systems but an app to effectively and efficently verify and transfer pgp fingerprints and keys between parties securely would be good.

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Originally posted this on Redirecting safecoin deposits - #2 by dirvine

But am asking here:  Can I get an app for that?

Edit: An afterthought I had is that such a system would require a way to confirm whether the sub accounts were using the app or not for further relaying. If the system was built on the premise of extended distribution and relays then each node would require the app.

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@Blindsite2k I am hoping that this tech ends trade secrets and the patent industry. Let the investment be in manufacturing, let the innovation be supported in another way.

Safe Web Browser: Gives the end user total control over the interface no exceptions. A solid step in defeating any kind of modal windowing or presentation. Would work with filter in Safe Search and Safe Trending.

Safe Search & Safe Trending. These would be honest ad and sponsor free trending systems, base on successful prior searches. These would have ways to flag spam and would use both intelligent software and community input, culture and education to de-list any site or application that in anyway attempted to coerce end user attention. Spam is anything that tries to coerce attention- we lose our volition generally when we allow such systems. These would be key to supporting conflict of interest free media entities and blogs that only ever took money and influence from their end users on a money/influence base equivalent to the merits of arguments and equivalent to a 1 person 1 vote.

More than anything we need to break enclosure set ups (closed system markets) where the retort is always: what you have free choice. When in fact people have nothing of the choice. These would be open systems of exchange and information transfer.

In my mind, the most important element of the SAFE network is the potential of 3 billion computers being networked together with a shared purpose. Those 3 billion processors and the hojillions of GB of storage create possibilities that have never existed before in our history, possibilities that could mean the rapid evolution of the human species. Since this, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of the SAFE network, I feel the most wanted, nay, needed Application (App) is one that fully utilizes this potential. Ideally this would be better suited as an inherent feature of the network, but if this isn’t possible, then a free application would be acceptable.

The Idea:
A nomination and voting system for use of network accessible resources. This Application would allow anyone to nominate a project for access to resources attached to the SAFE network, most specifically processing resources. The Nominations would then be displayed on a publicly accessible site, from this site any SAFE network user could vote for the projects. Once every (insert time frame here, ex: day, week, month) the system would take the top 10 most popular projects and send a voting request message to every user on the SAFE network, excluding those who opt out. This final voting session would be time limited at the conclusion of which the winning project would be identified. The winning project is then given access to use spare network resources for a limited time, within predefined limits and usage guidelines. These predefined limits would be in part determined on the fly by the network itself, and in part hard limits. For example, if the network is currently only utilizing 8% of total processing power available, the winning project would be able to use the full amount up to the hard limit, for example 50%. If the network were currently utilizing 60% of the total processing power available the project would be given a much smaller amount, say 10%. It would be important to note part of the predefined limits and guidelines would be to limit the amount each processor is utilized, in order to keep individual users hardware healthy and minimize spikes in their power usage/costs. This could also be a default setting that could be overwritten by the user if they want to allow for higher levels of contribution.

If this idea is confusing to you, or you have a hard time imagining what kinds of projects would benefit from this, you need only look at any past or present distributed computing research projects, the most known example is probably SETI@home. Imagine how much a project like SETI could advance if they were nominated every other week or month and could utilize the processors of 5-15 billion computers. Now, take this same concept and apply it to any kind of research or processor intensive activity, the possibilities are straight out of our favorite science fiction stories.

This is only the rough outline of the idea, it has more potential than anything I can think of and trust me, I have been thinking about this for as long as I have known about distributed computing. Please add to this idea, and if this tickles your fancy in even the slightest manner, please like this post.


What about a Wiki app? I think it could be a start for a web authoring application.


It seems to me that it (depending on the implementation, of course) be able to work without any adjustments, just like a static Web site.

I want the mother of all photo albumns app to help me manage my ridiculous number of photos, and create little albumns to share with a friend, groups, and publicly - publishable on SAFE without the recipients needing the app (e.g. equivalent of “publish to web”).

Such sharing apps will create an incentive for friends to join and see what we share.

Same principle with other apps (music, scribd, youtube) that facilitate sharing of things! Maybe such apps can generate simple teaser websites - accessible via old web, but with “join SAFE and see this in 3D” or some such :slight_smile:


I think such apps will be very popular and easy to create with very simple scripts and GUI-based wizards (basically you’d need to generate links and thumbs, plus pagination) and then that HTML code could be posted on “traditional” Web for the search engines to harvest it.
On the back end the site could use a SAFE plugin to get that content from the SAFEnet and send it to users.
I wonder if “create a gallery” could be accomplished with some of those old HTML home page wizards :smile:

News site and blogging platform is what I’d like to see most, since I’m a writer. All I seem to write about these days is cryptos and tech stuff, but I used to write world news articles so I’d love there to be somewhere on SAFE where I could get back into doing that a bit on the side.

Also a social networking site. Personally I would favour more of a twitter style rather than facebook.

App that Turns Down the Volume on Corporate & State Propaganda?

We have a system that feeds on victimization, exploitation and loss of volition and rewards psychopaths.
It rewards people for behavior that if the general laws were consistent would otherwise get them millions of life sentences.

This is a signal to noise problem. The noise can be engineered out by getting rid of the conflicts of interest. The noise is generally commercial speech, and its generally issued by top down hierarchical sponsored speech systems. It’s an issue with mass aggregate, even if pin point, advertising and the infomercial content that results. It will exist and continue the downward spiral of power concentration even if privacy is restored to most people. The point of these sponsored systems is censorship and exploitation. Look at Comcast and how hard it is always arguing against workable speech, affordable prices, level playing fields and how quick it is to roll over for the state on privacy. States everywhere and their corporate masters love firms like Comcast because they keep propaganda and broken enclosed markets alive. The barriers to entry in many markets are so high with enclosure that they are fortresses and the public is imprisoned in them.

The solution is likely in increasing the rate of genuine horizontal speech. This means speech systems that sift out the commercial noise, they don’t allow coerced attention and they only take money and influence from their legitimate end users. They don’t use the money and attention of their end users against them, they don’t have divided loyalties and conflicts of interest. They don’t have board members on other boards. They are probably not-for-profit because the investors and their money interests would become a solid conflict of interest. They don’t invest in for-profit firms. They may well be no-back-door Distributed Automated Organizations.

But now the challenge for Project SAFE. How do you not just become a tool for backwards media and serve more ads than ever? The idea that those ads are not pinpoint or not directed by privacy mining or privacy breach ignores the whole history of barrel scraping impoverishing demand creation advertising. That crap was dying prior to Google allowing sponsors to optimize search directly based on highest bidder type games. Will Project SAFE revive horrid demand creation? Will it be a tool to further enable supply side price fixing? And pro spam arguments are spam as ends and means are the same- spam and furthering spam/censorship are the same. We’re pro-business, we are realistic and practical- those are deflections.

And can this app exist even with Project SAFE on the increasingly broken internet?

Hello there, 3 years ago we thought that an infrastructure like maidsafe would surely appear. It is the new paradigm after cloud computing. a kind of pervasive computing, indeed it is here, as his sucessor.

I’ve thought of an application that would benefit to the whole world.
I call it “peer to peer joint open governance” or an ERP for the world.

The principle is of course deeply associated with politics and not sure that the powers that be would welcome it.

The application would based on several dimensions : spatial governance “cells” from micro to macro.
Tasking and scheduling
debate on values and macro-values

  • the classical framework of
    but in a P2P network

executive and decision making would be based on cell input and a user scoring (influence) on that cell.

All devices would be supervised bt the P2P governance protocol.
(here lies the danger of surveillance, but since it is P2P, the risks are limited)
the smallest cell would be the household.

The only element outside of the framework per se is performance of a task, that would be based on real world work. validated, and paiid.

Any simple task could generate income, on a first valid (competent) user that decides to enroll.

I can write more and more…
sounds dystopic or utopic based on the point of view, but woth of thinking.
Interested ?


Yes this is where we are headed I think. Have you watched the TED talk on decentralisation - I just tried and failed to find it, I think it was by a guy called Johan or similar from Monetas but search doesn’t turn anything up so I may be wrong there. Anyway, its a really good overview of how decentralisation is the normal and default way for society to organise, and why we have briefly deviated (and why that’s bad).

here it is…


THanks @Al_kafir!!!

So what exactly would you want this app to do? It sounds fascinating but what would it do? A spam blocker is obvious. Perhaps a reputation system of some kind of corporate sites/content but I’m not sure what exactly you are proposing for your requested app, and I’m not even a developer. Perhaps you could clarify @Warren?

So long as I can opt out and am not compelled to enroll in this “government” or be ruled by it I’m cautiously intrigued. Frankly I find all government to be obsolete but I do conceed that there are those that still feel the need for it.

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