Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

An aggregated, clean, slick, searchable site that streams video from user-uploaded content with a direct line for payment. Also, a nice little system for creating playlists that link directly to the content, similar to’s setup, if the content was accessible and money went to the creators.


A music site or channel, where music, movies or clips can be viewed or streamed either paid or free…

The unstoppable, peaceful, inevitable, effective 99% Revolution operationalized…great idea & I can see this happening!!!

Network99 (read about it at is the idea of users viewing, listening, downloading in an unlimited way and FREE from a myriad of artist-based channels who upload their music, live shows, netcasts, independent films, etc and the artist makes 99% of the SafeCoin revenue received by the application from the SAFE Network. This ingenious economic model comes courtesy of MaidSafe who have wrapped SafeCoin payment to app wallets into the technology. What a future for artists, musicians and filmmakers! May the best apps win the race!!!


This is the idea of SAFEx and may the best apps win the race!

SAFE-MED, Medical Electronic Database

Patients securely regain total control of their personal health information and have final say how, where and who has access. Medical providers get to say good bye to proprietor centralized authority approach that has resulted in >31 million individual US citizen data breaches since 2006. This will ultimately decrease the creator/caretaker (clinicians) exposure to liability and more importantly it will loosen the dependency on governments, corporations, IT security, data centers, and attorneys who want to back seat practice medicine. The SAFE network will allow us medical professionals to happily put our focus on what we do best! Serve the people.

I’ve started a review article that will hopefully show how easy (compared to the 600 billion the US has spent electronic medical charting system) the SAFE Network will change the world for the better. “Where doctors and patients rediscover Secure Access For Everyone, SAFE-MED.”


A plant database. Where to find them, how to grow them, edibility, medicinal properties, history, spirituality, physical characteristics, scientific latin names, how to prepare for medicinal usage, dosages, different uses, practical industrial uses, so forth and so on. I’m thinking same could be done for all biology, why limit to just plants, but since I have a particular interest in herbal medicine that’s what I’m thinking of. This could integrate with the SAFE Med app. Also I would like to see a way for “anedotal” evidence to be clearly catalogued and analyzed. There are so many people without formal degrees having their own experiences but and reporting data but not getting any recognition. Being able to input, compare, contraste, catagorize and analye “anecdotal” evidence would be validating for the common person having said experience and invaluable for the scientific (and spiritual for that matter) community.


Also perhaps a tiny app that would work as a user interface and work with other apps. Say someone wants to publish something. The app would ask what kind of thing it is? Is it subjective or objective? Is it your own personal experience? How do you want to format it, scientici paper, use the scientific method to develop your own project, fill out as much of a little report for the anecdotal database as you can, etc etc, all these options and formats for people so they can just pull up these form letters so to speak for these different apps and fill them out. And information could be sent (voluntarily of course using checkboxes or something) to multiple apps and databases. Say you were doing a research paper on a specimen of plant, you’d submit it to the plant database and if the plant had medicinal properties to SAFE Med as well.

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe anecdotal evidence would be considered any kind of evidence at all by the scientific community, purely because it is “anecdotal”. There is no scientific method involved, therefore any results would be highly dubious.This may be useful to further “spiritual” or other areas and is often used in support of therapies such as Homeopathy etc, which have absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever - quite the opposite in fact…


And this is where I get really frustrated with the “scientific” community. But let me try to explain in the calmest and most rational way I can how “anecdotal” evidedence can be of use to the scientific community. The key is the database and ANALYZING all the data and taking it in context. I repeat the is analasis and examing things in context. Say you have x number of cases and they’re all different, or seemingly so, but you’re getting reports of a “cure” that seems to work for all of them. You don’t dismiss it. You file it away and look for commonalities between those that utilize the cure and those that don’t. Sometimes this isn’t immediately apparent. As sometimes you have to analize things like whether someone was vacinated or not and how that might have affected their immune system over the last couple decades. You might have to analize someone’s diet or environment. Sometimes things might be immediately apparent once you get a bunch of reports together like economic status, behavioral, psychological or physical symptoms, age ranges, duration of the illness, and so forth. The point here is to make the data available so that if one has a hypothosis one can look at the data and say “oh hello here’s a pattern.” Then one takes that and does further tests to confirm or disprove it. And THEN one takes those results in turn as the further hard evidence to put in your nice “scientific” reports. Likewise if you notice a pattern it would inspire further hypothoses and tests to be done. If a group of people are complaining of stomach pain and say that a certain herb cures it does it not spark the question “why?” It could be for any number of reasons. The herb could be surpressing the symptoms, could be curing a gas problem they all had that was causing the pain, could be fighting an infection they had, could be a hullicinagenic and they are all getting high off it, whatever, but the point is they all eat the stuff, they all say it fixes them and it’s a starting place to look. We utilize the scientific method far more than we think. You say anedotal evidence isn’t derived using the “scentific method” and I would be to differ. The scientific method is to make an observation, develop a hypothos (an idea) based on that observation, test it using experimentation, and revise. We do that kind of thing on a daily basis. And anecdotal evidence, espeically health related evidence, is based on that method. We observe something about our health, draw some conclusion, test it, revise our conclusion and try again according to the revised data. Anecdotal evidence might not be in the right format or be formalized to the “scientific” community’s satisfaction but that doesn’t mean it’s not based on the scientific method. That’s where the app comes in to analize the raw data and to help format it in such a way as to find out what evidence there is and to present it to the scientific community in a format of their liking.


We have actually started to speak to the NHS (UK National Health Service) about the network and it’s usefulness in managing massive data sets privately and securely. Discussions are at a very early stage and, while the NHS is not known to move particularly quickly, early signs are positive. This is happening as a result of the Scottish Minister for Health Alex Neil visiting MaidSafe during July.


Well your early stages seem to be far ahead of where my country and I are currently. I appreciate your efforts and your words are quite encouraging for me. My plan is to write this review article, get it published, get my hospital network/system to adopt. Fortunately/unfortunately my hospital network is a national leader in the US and they have some of the earliest published papers (70’s) with regard to computer technologies in the clinic setting. From there I don’t see any reason why it will not spread like wild fire.

I am slowly formulating my network of experts to build it. I would love to hear any updates on the matter you may have in the in the future. Collaboration would be priceless. I just started with a very rough draft, so go easy (Okay to not look at it now), but it gives a glimpse into one of my multiple starting points;


Hope this will lead to decentralized Medicine … Remember the days when the doctor would visit you at home? With your data with you all the time, medical practice can start being personal once again.


Access to this data ought to be paid for too. There are too many cases, especially here in Africa, where the pharmtech companies connive to steal/take away medicinal knowledge, then patent it and resale it back to Africans.

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Wow…I was going to ask what happened following the 6 mth trial, as I thought it would be an obvious choice. Local Govt, Councils etc would be good too. Excellent news.

I’ll try to keep it short as we’re going off-topic, but we can discuss further if you want to start another topic? Anyway, basically I said:

From Wikipedia:

Anecdotal evidence is considered dubious support of a claim; it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims.[3][4][5]
The term is often used in contrast to scientific evidence, such as evidence-based medicine, which are types of formal accounts.
Misuse of anecdotal evidence is an informal fallacy

Just to be provocative…
Q: What do you call Alternative medicine that has been proven to work?
A: Medicine!

Yes @Al_Kafir @Blindsite2k please move this discussion - this topic can be a nice list of wants if we keep it clean of spin-off discussions, tempting though they are! :slight_smile:

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That’s what I just suggested…lol. I’m being a good boy…back on topic, I would like an app that alerts you as to when you are breaking non-existent forum guidelines…lol
I’ve spoken to David and he is looking at displaying some soon. In the meantime I’m going by Discourse rules.

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A site like open source ecology where people share designs and/or 3D printable files to build there own self sufficient and sustainable communities on a budget.

Also I thought maybe a safe library of all great works written throughout history. That would prolly be a real task to fill though although the tor library has an amazing quantity of work, that’s where the idea comes from


Also maybe some kind of big data app for research. I don’t have a problem with data when it’s anonymous. Kind of along the lines of what @kebwesi is talking about

Integrate the new AI that the Viv company is working on? Supposed to be able to query almost any command and info.

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