More than 1 billion people now co-op members

In the book the 2013 book The Crash of 2016 Thom Hartman outlines some of the cooperative stats.

There are more than 1 billion cooperative members around the globe. The US is lags far behind the rest of the world on cooperatives but even in the US there are 30000 cooperatives that control 73000 business with 3 trillion in assets and 500 billion in annual revenues and 25 billion in annual wages paid. Not all coopers are small either Spain has a 24 billion dollar a year coop which has now started working with a union.

In a coop the employees are the owners, money is not wasted on execs or stock holders or boards. This is a non parasitic use of money that matches contribution to earnings. Every cooperative brings democracy to the work place.

A weaker version of this is used by BMW. This is interesting because the parasites like Mitt Romney during the crash of 2008 wanted to bankrupt our US automakers because they said unions were to blame and that union workers must take pay cuts to help parasite profit to make these firms more competitive in the global market. They were flatly contradicted by reality but lying through their teeth as usual. Comparing GM to heavily unionized BMW, which like all German automakers has worker/union involvement at every decision point and in every decision conference table, BMW paid $67 per hour on average per worker vs GM’s $33 and, had more than double GM’s profit at almost 5 billion dollars and sold almost 2x as many cars at close to 5 million annually . The Germans also have a strong safety net, and strong social security and more holidays and time off. Every automaker in Germany is unionized by law.

When thinking back on US history the libertarian, neo liberal (probably the neocon wouldn’t fuss about this either) tells us gold was so great. And yet it was Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania where they had public banking and paper money that was prospering when back in Britain with their metal money they were starving. Trying to force their gold coin back on the colonies helped lead to the war, people didn’t want to starve. Not the story the neo liberals tell or want told. Also, the tea party being fully indoctrinated in the lying version of economics gets the Boston Tea Party all wrong. It was Britain trying to make the colonies pay for a subsidy for one of their nasty oppressive essentially transnational corporations that led to the destruction of that corporation’s tea in the Boston harbor and the revolutionary war. These two events led to the birth of the country.

The country was founded in opposition to a corporation and to corrupt banking and money practices. It was Thomas Jefferson who gave us the advice to decentralizes as much as possible our political and economic power and to spread it across as broad a local base as possible. He was very much opposed to corporations and to this day they are un American as they are undemocratic in the extreme. The corporation like the only communist states the world ever saw manifested is a top down structure. It is not a free structure it is an extractive structure meant to keep people in bondage. to it. The co-op is a democratic structure that is bottom up like democracy. It is a structure of equals with a balanced power arrangement. In a government of the people even a President has a rank, that rank is citizen, no higher, no lower equals. Its the same in a co-op.

Most of us are familiar with credit unions, they have a similar structure as profits are returned to their members and they retain a tax exempt status. In a society full of co-ops taxes could be much lower as the general need would be less as ownership and power would be widely distributed and speculation reduced to almost nothing, greatly enhancing stability and all for the Jeffrersonian reasons. Currently corporate banks are trying to attack credit unions tax exempt status. This should not be allowed. Every co-op should be give a large tax advantage over a corporation as a corporation is a form of ownership at the middle and larger scale that we need to outlaw.

A corporation is a form of part time to full time enslavement where the fruits of most people’s labor are taken and given to someone hardly involved, the so called capitalist or surplus receiver member of the useless leisure class (as if leisure were to be restricted because people would never work without artificially induced scarcity hunger and sickness.) The corporation is an anti democratic structure. Its a cancer and its dying as it should. Its something left over from the Virginia Company and the British East India Company and the plantations of the American South. Its the same mentality. Before they used to have charters that regularly came under review. That practice has left us but it need not matter with them being recognized as the cancer they are as dead as communism, corporate capitalism will die. What will replace it will be a co-operative system that some will still label capitalism but the capitalism part will hardly matter much as there will be no slavery to constantly have to sell with religious fervor. . .


I really like this post!

Maybe once everyone is using SAFE, all businesses will be co-ops on blockchain public ledgers or something

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Thank you. I was thinking again about Judaism’s prohibition on interest and how as atonement of sorts the wealthy were to forgive the poor there debts ever 12 years or so. Christ was an advocate for the poor against the rich, flipping their money changer tables. He was crucified for defying debt enslavement and bringing attention to the rich not honoring the Jubilee day and the dropping of debt which was based on forbidden interest. Killed by bankers.

But yes the parallel between SAFE and a cooperative is quite accurate, same type of mechanism and spirit for organisation and software and revolution of info.