More problems with biometrics: passphrase ok, fingerprint nope

In the USA the Fifth Amendment protects you from having to divulge a password or passcode because it is deemed self incrimination. I don’t believe other jurisdictions allow this protection, for example I’m fairly sure that the UK doesn’t (I think failure to decrypt on a court order is an offence).

However, it seems that in the USA the Fifth Amendment won’t protect against other methods of securing data such as fingerprints. Only where you have to divulge information you know, such as a passphrase etc.


In less developed countries, such as my country Brazil, police can simply force you to unlock…
And you have no choice.


In Australia it is an offense not to unlock encrypted files etx when ordered to. From memory up to 6 months jail.

But of course you can pull the “Joh” defense “I don’t recall”

For the USA I guess the big companies (Google, MS, Apple) will be pushing the biometrics line over pass phrases due to government pressure.

Also where does that leave MS Win 10 where you only have to be a “friend” and it will unlock the WiFi using data stored on MS servers. How far will that extend in later versions, your disk encryption keys? Just because you might “forget” your encryption pass phrase?

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What you say is true, you won’t be protected (not that I’m American). But for instance with an iphone you can use the wrong finger and do it like three times, then your phone just locks you out.

Eventually the problem will be that even if you use your fingerprint to access, your phone and you biodata is with a company, they’ll be forced to use your biodata to access, your phone so goodluck to everybody using biometrics now on their phone. Rule of thumb, is that you never give your bio to nobody.

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Jesus Christ the world is getting so scary please let safe just happen I’m so scared of the future without it

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A combination of both approaches is best.