More graphics for social media posts?

We tried meme creations and discovered what some already knew. Memes can not be created artificially, they grow organically or not at all. I am proposing a contest to create classy, visually calming images that predominantly display the Safenetwork logo. A repository of these graphics here for everyday use in social media like Twitter. The more others see a logo and associate it with the Safenetwork the better. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?


@frabrunelle and @Dimitar already have lots of these kinds of images. Francis posts one on each weekly update. I sent Dimitar my best images already maybe someday they will get posted if not that’s OK.


That’s awesome. I’m excited to share the progress on twitter and posts more eye catching with an image attached.


ya I think @Dimitar already has like a ton of content he would hopefully let us use. But the idea to meme it up and tweet it out is still a great one!

This thread alone already has some great ones: Free :safe: T-shirts templates


Had some extra time in my hands so made this for you guys.


That meme is totally awesome. I wish I had thought of it! :racehorse:



Everything I have done is free to use by anyone. The translations on the international sites, the covers of the weekly dev updates, the stickers, the t-shirts, the calendar, the flags - I have uploaded the source files in the relevant topics so they be as convenient and easy to copy by anyone…


Very nice.

I’ll use that in my next mention of the Safenetwork on twitter.

tweeted :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, I wanted to share these that come from the Bank2thefuture series B raise. I haven’t seen them used outside of that (not sure they are supposed to be either?) they may be slightly out of date but I had kept them as I thought they were informative and just dug them up.

@mav I thought you had a thread discussing some of these things but can’t remember which one. @Sotros25 you might find these useful or interesting as well.


It would be nice to have some up to date info graphics using some of Jim’s mock ups and color scheme. :thinking:


Definitely! Thanks for sharing! I think it would be also nice to have some “marketing collateral”, if you will, to start drip-feeding the UX work and the recent technological innovations as well.


Agree. I can have a play and create a few templated approaches. @JimCollinson is there a up to date design system file you can share? Link to latest in figma?