More consistent branding

Hey all,

right now the focus is on getting the network ready - i get that.
While there is significant progress in that direction, I feel that we
should not forget the branding of this project. For instance, I
believe there was a plan to bring the twitter-page more in line
with the new webpage. This is really only a matter of deciding
on which new background to use, so wont use up any resources.

These are small things but they have big visibility and therefore
big impact on how the project is perceived.

I’m not a huge fan of comparisons with Ethereum, but here I go
looks pretty neat - no? would be cool to have something like that as well.
I guess this does not have to be left to the core devs entirely but is
sth where the community can jump in as well…


Yes , visual consistency across the social networks
could help people to recognise and identify better :ant:

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I think this is a totally fair point at @BambooGarden and something that has gotten away from us of late, a result of a small and under resourced team. We are working to fix this. Not sure of you remember but we had some digital assets on the previous site and this is probably something we need to look at adding to the new one. @Scott is now working on a new banner that better reflects the company site and we’ll roll this across Google + (just in case someone still uses it :)) and LinkedIn. Thanks for the prompt.


nice job on the new twitter page, just saw it :slight_smile:
really like the overlay with that network structure too.


I totally get the branding thought process and there are several threads on the topic. The popularity of Ethereum definitely makes me ponder the topic, but to just play devils advocate, when I do a search for “the internet media branding assets” (because that is what ethereum runs on) no great branding comes up.

I see Ethereum as the ultimate centralized network (IMO why big corps love them, central block chain) where their “brand” will be on everything, which is great in the eyes of people looking for all the employees to wear uniforms and name badges, but to me the company brand controlling everything from the fuel to their apps to the network turned me off. I like the idea of the SAFE network being a blank canvas that I can shape and form into the vision I see of how to use it. MaidSafe on the other hand is a company and should brand the heck out of everything and anything they want.

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