(more) censorship on reddit

I just came across this, linked from hacker news.

I clicked through to the archived discussion, and it is so maddening to see reddit mods censoring like some kind of arbiters of the ultimate truth.

And of course all social media sites are taking down content they don’t agree with, especially about covid and vaccine injury.

Whether I agree with the content or not, is not the point. The point is that I grew up in a culture that considered censorship to be evil, and now it is all around us, worldwide.

One can argue that these are private platforms and thus can do as they like with their property. That is valid. However, their choices are such that I begin to despise the owners and decision makers of these platforms.

The world needs something better. Something immutable. Something uncensorable. Something unstoppable.

Maybe I should thank them for providing inspiration…

Everything real is immutable. Actions have consequences. Only in the digital world we can edit the past. For the moment :wink: