Montreal Meeting Minutes Sept. 21st, 2014



We had three new faces in that meeting, with two curious non-developers, one with political science degree background and another one working as a circus artist. Both shared an interest for free software and decentralized technologies.

Today Francis gave us a presentation about his trip to MaidSafe Troon. Amongst exciting news, we learned that he’ll start Evangelizing full-time to developers in Montreal and further develop collaborations with other pods, notably in San Francisco. He also showed us many videos that were recorded at MaidSafe HQ in Troon, in which David answers various questions. These were used as springboards to answer questions by newcomers. We had many discussions on technical points of how the network works and it feels we are progressing on our collective understanding.

The meeting ran late and lasted at least 2h30. The excitement of everyone is palpable as it was hard to end discussions, I remember saying good evening at least 5 times to progressively smaller groups of people, just before getting into another really interesting discussion…

In the next meetup, Erick will show material from the presentation he is preparing. It also seems necessary to agree in advance for a planned duration for the meeting and/or bring some food next time, since some of us did not have dinner beforehand, and the meeting ran quite late.


Here are the slides of my presentation.

And here’s a photo of the people who attended the meetup.

I will post more information about the next meetup soon. It will be around the end of October.


Great slides and pictures. Thanks for sharing your trip @frabrunelle. Good luck with your new role!