Monthly Twitter sharing event with prizes

Hello friends,

as part of the new community marketing group - @social_media (Social Media Organizers) - I’m beginning a monthly Twitter sharing event with prizes :dragon: :rocket: :dragon:

What are the rules?

Just choose one of these wonderful articles and share it on twitter with a comment and #safenetwork :

To confirm your participation in the event, you must post a link to your tweet in this topic.

What are the prizes?

100 MAID for the most liked tweet every month.
100 MAID for 1 random participant in the sharing event every month.

Initially there will be 12 sharing events - 1 event each month.

The prize money are here: 3G3fxSc1pTXDBPstkDtjd1EePMD3haoQWr
If you wish, you can add to the shared pool of prizes :dragon: (The prize money are from me and I keep them on my hardware wallet)

Good luck to everyone and don’t forget to like the others’ tweets. :wink: May the best Twitter King / Queen win! :dragon: :rocket: :dragon:


Only 1 day left until the first prizes. It’s not too late for you to get involved :dragon:

If you don’t need more MAID, you can always give it to a friend and PM me his address directly… if you win :wink:


@andyypants you are the winner of both prizes :dragon: What a race :wink:

Please, PM me your address to receive 200 MAID!


So, @andyypants is the SAFE Twitter King for the last month. Will anyone take away his title? There’s a whole new month to race!

Come on people show some Twitter love! :dragon:


haha I will just give that back to the pot to double the prizes for next month! not sure anyone else competed but maybe they will for twice the bounty!


Wonderful, you heard it here first people. :dragon: The December prizes are double!

If you do not need more MAID, you can give it to a friend. What a nice Christmas present! :dragon:

Share these SAFE tweets :rocket: