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Yes, so you keep saying…nobody is stopping you answering the questions posed regarding Decorum either, but you choose not to. Do you have some kind of problem with community members critiquing projects? Really not sure why your replies are always that I can go somewhere else if I’m not happy with modding or make my own app - this is all obvious and true of anyone and you are again making no point whatsoever. I am a member of the Safe community and choose to stay here and do what I do - I have repeatedly told you this and your comments are less than useful. It comes across as really churlish…

What haven’t I answered, Al?

Well I can’t find where the questions I asked of you in the Decorum thread have disappeared to - the usual trick of moving any of my critical posts off the front page and all over the place has taken care of that and I certainly ain’t continuing talking in a side room with a bunch of mods again…lol.

Decorum - community involved - check
Decorum - investors rewarded - check
Decorum - investors having a say - uncheck

And the unchecked section is really necessary when it comes to the fruition of a vision, if one wants to avoid a sec financially driven output of a project. It’s very dangerous to have investors having a say. They can advice, and advice again, and sell their shares/coins/tokens/endorsements whatever, if they don’t see their advice taken seriously. Investors are not per se experts in the field of the project. That’s a misunderstanding, imho.

I think the above posts belong in the Decorum thread don’t they? When they and my own are put where they belong, I will be happy to rejoin the conversation.

Yes, they are involved in paying for it.[quote=“MyLegacyKit, post:24, topic:8717”]
Decorum - investors rewarded - check

I have checked and fully explained in detail why I believe the value proposition for investors is just not there

Yes, a big massive and very important uncheck. The community are basically paying for the next Zuckerberg, rather than owning it themselves, which would only be fair as they are the ones paying for it. There’s one born every minute I suppose…what are we at now…a couple of hundred grand…lol.

Ah, yes. I remember. You started by insulting and then asked slanted questions.

Now you further your slander by saying you can’t find the post which is at the top of this very thread.

I’m not interested in defending myself against you Al. You can spin that any way you like. Your “concerns” are slanted and disrespectful, and I’m frankly tired of trying to deal with you.

If we had the forum software we’re both hoping Decorum will be, I’d just block you personally because I find that you add nothing of real value to the conversation.

The sad part is that if you were to address very similar questions with respect and not presumption of evil conspiracy against you or whoever, you’d find me quite willing to try to come to understanding. As it is, though, you will think what you think. I have no interest in trying to answer twisted, accusatory questions.

I’m tired of feeding what I consider to be trolling. (and note, I say that as a forum member, not “as a mod”. Yes, I can and do separate what I do as a mod from what I do as a community member.

Nuf said.

I’m no mod, just an investor in Decorum lol. And I don’t mind the name of a room, I too noticed this subject was derailing the crowdsale topic. And I have also no issues finding this room, and giving my opinion to whoever is interested.

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So as the Decorum PR guy who “just happens” to be a mod with no conflict of interest, are you going to replace these posts into the correct Decorum thread to give the community the opposing view or are you going to continue in the same censorious manner, thereby highlighting an apparent abuse of power and further demonstrating the obvious conflict of interest?
You can always choose not to answer… :smile:

You make my point. Thank you.

And as always when it comes to investing, you might be right. On the other hand, I can see hundreds of millions of marketing money going into Clikes, making Decorum an interesting proposition in my investment portfolio. It’s absolutely free to think differently, and invest differently. :slight_smile:

Would you care to enlighten others as to what your point was? No answer and no replacing the posts eh? And I’m making your point…lol

I dont understand why you consistently talk shit about sec… It just doesn’t make any sense to downplay something already in motion, that has only a positive effect for your existing investments and Decorum.

Really it’s too low for my comprehension

Uhm… Are you sure you are replying to the right forum member? In this thread, and other threads alike, I never mentioned SEC in a negative way. And certainly not repeatingly… I once said I found one project more appealing than the other, thus explaining my investment behaviour… That’s it.

If you want my genuine opinion, I’m a little jealous of the SEC investors, since they made a pretty nice ROI so far! And I fully agree with you, every project connected to Safe Network should have everybody’s support! :slight_smile:

If you really mean what you’re saying, please show me the lines where I went wrong. I would be happy to rephrase, or explain further…

I think it is also counter-productive to ostracize investors, because like you yourself are giving a lot of voice. And that’s awesome!! and want more!! but what the hell.

Not all investors greeding on things and some buy to show they’re a part of it, and then give even MORE outside of financial contributions. And to let such conversations keep up how you’re doing, just shouldn’t go on… Anyway…

best wishes

‘sec financially driven’ means ‘only financially driven’ in this context. If I refer to SEC, I normally use capitals.

More (since you suggested I attack SEC consistently)? :slight_smile:

Sure, I notice just those two posts; The point is also though, pretending like investors are not relevant and only looking for returns.

community - checked
investors rewarded - checked
investors have a say - unchecked

does it mean investors who are part of the community have a say and investors dont have a say??

That’s from a reply to another forum member, where I’m making a comparison with Decorum and another project in general, what the said forum member was looking for. So I’m hoping you will read that in the context of that conversation. Furthermore, it was not about SEC, let alone an attack on SEC.

To answer your question; yes it is my opinion that investors should not have a say about a project. They can have a say (in the form and shape of an advice) being a member of the community, but being an investor on top of that, should not give extra weight to the advice. As I said before, investors are not necessarily experts in the field of the project.

And Seneca, as far as I can judge it, is aware of this, and will listen to the community, compare the advices with his vision and goal, and will not give investors an extra ‘say’. And I’m totally fine with that. And I’m also totally fine with the idea that others are maybe running their projects differently.

Hope I made myself clear a bit? :slight_smile: