Model that could make someone very profitable and Safenet very vulnerable

Speaking completely in hypothetical terms: what if somebody modified the Safenet software to run in the background and to upload itself into unknowing computers. This hacker could have all the coins earned from these computers go into their wallet. Kind of like the botnet model.

Imagine one person owning 1500+ computers in the Safenet all over the world.

Yes, this is possible and from the network side of things only strengthens it.

Yes the person may earn more coins.

But 1500 machines will be a drop in the bucket when the network is up and running.

One thing I’ll say and that is the people will very likely see their internet usage go up a lot and look for the source of the problem. So maybe short lived.

And it will be done, I’m sure


What do you mean by “upload itself”?

Fun facts:

I can already see the headlines “Crackers now use botnets and take your hard drive hostage with cryptolocker to farm SAFEcoins” :stuck_out_tongue:

And that would make Safenet very vulnerable because …

Can’t wait to read the book!


Lol this would just make the SAFE internet stronger, faster, and more reliable :stuck_out_tongue: the horror!


I… kinda figured that that is what app devs will be doing normally with “free” apps. Still beats the hell out of ads.

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Only a fool would use free apps whose source code hadn’t been given the many eyes treatment.

Then again, I sometimes foolishly use Windows, but only because my livelihood depends on a thorough familiarity with it.

In addition to many eyes on the source code, deterministic builds will have to come eventually, to eliminate man-in-the-middle attack by a global adversary.

A business model in this space does not require fraud. Simply being the originator of a widely used app (and in a network with millions of nodes, the long-tail of more specialized apps can still be large in absolute numbers) gives one precedence for paid consultancy, or for providing a service on a virtual server.

1500 x however many people get a hold on this software.[quote=“bluebird, post:3, topic:8896, full:true”]
What do you mean by “upload itself”?

it would take away any incentive to farm legitimately. This would not be an attack to the architecture of SafeNet, but to the economics of SafeNet. SafeCoin will become impossible to earn individually, and no one will try. Meaning that farms will no longer be continuously running reliable computers run by people that support the infrastructure. It will be trojans on computers that come in and drop rapidly at a mass scale. [quote=“whiteoutmashups, post:6, topic:8896”]
this would just make the SAFE internet stronger, faster, and more reliable :stuck_out_tongue: the horror!

No, it will make SAFE a virus with some very bad publicity.

What do you mean, no?

What I said was factually correct.

So, this is the vision of SAFE? By any means build it? I’m out. Have fun with your social disaster.

So they don’t “upload themselves.”

You haven’t described anything new, or particular to the SAFE network.

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It’s not the vision of SAFE, why would you say that? Nobody else did

It just shows that nobody can harm SAFE, they can only make it stronger

excuse my bad syntax…

so, now that you have made it clear that we know about its possibility. Is there anything that SAFE is doing to avoid it?

It is a client-side problem, and the remedy is to practice safe computing, by analogy with defensive driving.

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So, your solution is to have everyone on the internet know how to protect their computer from malicious software? Might work :expressionless:

When they did the same thing with bitcoin mining it didn’t stop the miners. There was a huge botnet mining bitcoin, did it stop the actual miners?

Same with botnet farming, it won’t do much. It will be found rather quickly when people’s bandwidth usage dynamically increases for no apparent reason and then killed off as the others were.

The SAFE network will not be affected since that strengthens it having more nodes.

Still FUD is always fun isn’t it.

How did that huge botnet doing bitcoin mining go? Is it still around? History has a lot to say for your plan.

I’m not “everyone’s” mother, so no, if they mess up then it’s their problem. You haven’t established that there is a threat to the SAFE network.


I would imagine precautions would be taken at the device level, much like Apple and Google do now.

What it seems you are describing is a malicious app, which the google play store has thousands and thousands of.

If the app sucks, it will get horrible reviews and not be used, just like any other app.

Safe is just a place to put things, you dont blame servers for malicious apps, or SQL…etc…, so why would you blame SAFE?

In order for an app like this to work, the user would need to download the crappy app and agree to all device permissions

The app could then in theory set up a vault…and may even possibly set up a scheme to steal my earned coins (assuming my device is actually earning coins) …but the bad public image would be for the app, not SAFE…

Again, you dont blame a browser for a pop up or your email client for spam, they are just platforms that deliver or offer access to horrible people’s software and code…