Mock-routing questions


Just a quick question, wanted to get mock-routing working just in case it’s hard to get SAFE connected overseas.

Is it just a safe-browser feature? Is there a list of steps somewhere? Do I use @joshuef 's browser or the one in the new MaidSafe repo?

and it comes with the Authenticator plugin that would allow me to use the new DOM / MD APIs right?

This would be very helpful in HK tomorrow thanks anyone if you have time!


I think @hunterlester got this working recently - think he explained a bit on riot.

From memory I think you need to do your own build of SAFE Launcher with a flag for mock routing. The build process has been simplified recently so it’s probably easier than the instructions you’ll find on the forum, recent ones here I think:


hmm ok so it looks like I accidentally asked two separate things then,

beacuse I’m mostly interested in the authenticator only. Maybe I’ll forget mock-routing for now then, if it’s Launcher based

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Right now I’m compiling the dev branch of safe_browser which integrates Authenticator and the new DOM API.

I’ll get the binary up on the net for you to download since you are also on Windows.

My browser is up and running with authenticator management page, but now I need to figure out why it’s not successfully interfacing with leveldb, or whatever we are using as our local mock network.


i think I got my safe_browser working now with that

and I thought mock-routing was necessary for the authenticator plugin, but happybeing told me that wasn’t the case

don’t worry about mock-routing I think Imisunderstood it

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Right click on any open page and inspect element. Start typing in the console safe... and you’ll start seeing the DOM API options.

Mock routing may be necessary to start testing MutableData.


Will, mock routing applies to anything built to access SAFE because it simulates the routing /storage layer.

I mentioned Launcher because MutableData and Authenticator are not finished yet. But if you want to pay with the code that’s there I guess you can, but I don’t know what works and what doesn’t.


Hey is Auth Browser 0.2.1 still the most recent browser that offers Mock-Routing?

Or is there a way to get it on 0.3.0? And is there a reason to? Like 0.3.0 has any special features or updates that 0.2.1 doesn’t have, like breaking changes?

Basically: if I want to do offline development right now, what’s the best browser for me to go get?

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Doesn’t look like it …

Yes this is being worked on right now, I think @bochaco is on that, but I am not 100%, busy office right now on slack.

doesn’t look like what?

so 0.2.1 is most current mock? or 0.3.1?

I think so right now, but as I said I have been deeper in routing this week so not 100%/

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Sorry, a bit ambiguous! It doesn’t look like the current browser + authenticator (0.3 *) will work with mock.


great thanks for breaking it down for me guys!

That’s what I expected. Will continue now. Thanks for the quick answers all.


can’t get any of the Hosting manager or email app working against 0.2.1, @Joseph_Meagher do you have any builds working offline?

I think offline mockrouting would be best for development, so you don’t end up running out of PUTS and invitations constantly, on TEST 17. Is anyone successfully doing this?

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It just wasn’t released with the mock libs, it shouldnt affect the capability itself I’d think.

If you mean just via Github releases then yep thats just 0.2.1 of the browser. 0.3.0 only had the network version put out for TEST-17. However that can be run with the mock network too if someone is ok with doing a manual build of safe_client_libs at this tag for the mock feature and replacing them accordingly in the supplied browser 0.3.0 package.

Which platform are you looking for this in btw?


i don’t have a build working offline as testnet 17 was relatively painless developing on for me although the upcoming official mock browser could be very handy and important if it lets you enter the port you want for requests


thanks, working on windows right now but can switch to Linux. Couldn’t get the hosting manager to work with 0.2.1 mock routing browser.

Actually, I’ll just go ahead and give linux a try now instead

I wouldn’t expect any different behaviour between platforms. K give me a few mins(say 20) pls and I’ll see if I can get the windows mock version of the browser @ 0.3.0 built for you


aw man don’t have to do all that, thanks very much though, feel bad.