Mobilego crowdsale

Is anyone getting a slice of the MobileGo ICO?
I’m torn, gaming industry is huge but two tokens put me off.
Looking at the numbers it’s a record breaking ico, but the masses are often wrong.
Any thoughts?

No, I just invested a little in BOScoin, a South Korean project that looks like it’s going to be a competitor of Ethereum, DAO and Augur at the same time. Mostly on the Asian market, I guess. But they mix Trust Contracts with Artificial Intelligence to create a self evolving system. I’m curious where that goes to, but so far these guys at BOScoin are killing it with a nice dashboard, including your own XBT/BOScoin wallet, and two apps to be released soonish (October this year). Most smooth crowdsale I have ever seen.

I only pick one maybe two projects per year to invest a little in, and MobileGo doesn’t turn me on, tbh. No specific reason, just that it didn’t grab me at my throat.

Good luck if you’re jumping into MobileGo!

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I may dip my toes, but I’m not sold on it. I will look at BOS but I think that any competition for Ethereum may come from QTUM. Sadly I missed that.


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Did you participate @19eddyjohn75 I jumped in at the last minute. I am very pleased that I did. Esports is a rapidly growing industry and possibly the best market to target with this technology.

No I didn’t participate (I should have because every investment gives more power to the cryptosphere), but gaming is not really my thing at the moment.

I don’t give investment advice, but and are the real mayor ICO’s imho, both are next week.

Not to sound sneaky but next week I’m planning to do an announcement of a minICO of my project and only ask Maidsafecoin exclusively. :stuck_out_tongue: unfortunately I found of in the real world that what happens in the cryptosphere in not really down to earth.

@Savage and every other investor :stuck_out_tongue: