Mobile optimized Apps and Sites

It’s a shame that with MaidSafe’s awesome new mobile browser, there’s only about 7 websites on Alpha 2 that are designed for mobile.

If anyone wants help for making responsive sites there’s tutorials like these:

Or templates if you look online.

Does anyone think that adding a simple mobile template option on the web_hosting_manager blogmaker would be a good idea, or easy enough to implement?

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I’m assuming there must be some good frameworks out there to let people throw up mobile first sites easily.

I saw that safe::// looks good on mobile and uses afaik.

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I think all the modern frameworks are responsive by default, so no extra work. That’s certainly the case with my dWeb Blog which used React-static.

I’ve listed some static frameworks here so it would be good if people try them out in mobile and feedback:





Wow thats awesome, what a great use of what’s available. Keep it up!