Mobile optimized Apps and Sites

I just wanted to get a list of mobile compatible apps, and sites. I would really like to explore and help develop our mobile community. Right now I’m just running down the site list seeing what works.

This post is now a publicly editable wiki. Please add any sites you’ve visited on the Mobile Browser that work well and qualify as optimized

List of Mobile SAFE Apps

List of optimized mobile sites

Hopefully Optimised Soon!

P.S.: Added that section :point_up_2: so we can know what’s coming, and possibly collaborate to bring responsive mobile layouts to the great apps and sites that are already on Alpha 2

See more potential mobile sites & dapps here


I too am very interested in this. Looking forward to getting an understanding of what sites will be available, and how quickly, and whether they’re will be some automatic migration of old-internet sites over to the Safe network.


Just want to bump this thread. Soon I’ll be able to test on iOS (if anyone is interested please contact @Cgray) and we could make a wiki here for optimized mobile apps and sites. @PlanBrandom can you make your original post a wiki? Not sure but I think only the original poster can make a wiki that is editable by everyone. @moderators?


Ready. Can you test now?


Works! Thanks @Dimitar I’ll add a couple sites from the mobile browser thread confirmed to work well on android so far.


@Cgray I’m on iOS. Can help with test and feedback. Let me know.


Works amazing.


And being a React Static site, it loads instantly! :smile:


It’s so fast, quite amazed me. Because: it still needs to be pulled from some Vaults and get decrypted etc.


React static is designed to prefetch things that you might click on, so if you scroll a link into view it will automatically fetch the page (and any graphics) in case you click the link.

Sveltejs is pretty fast too, but works differently. It is fast by compiling the website into small files, but probably not as far as RS.


Is porting from react to react static pretty straight forward @happybeing?

Not much point in optimising this one as it’s out of date. Safenetprimer2 is the latest version.

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I don’t know. I think for basic stuff probably, but with limitations - I just don’t know what they might be. I think you can use the same components, but maybe have too generate the site structure from scratch.


Hey @JPL I had added that. This is thread should be a public wiki now if you want to change anything.

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Ah OK - I’ll change it now.
EDIT: You have already. Thanks @nigel

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After a few minutes of using it, have to changed my comment to nice to WOW. Great Job. :+1:


Beautiful sites.

And the browser is beautiful and very stable as well. I love the little animation where the green “safe://” fades away when you type, then reappears when you navigate. Amazing. Feels very powerful and futuristic.

The mobile web on SAFE is truly the most amazing breakthrough I’ve seen in years and I can’t say enough times that I LOVE IT :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

So important for SAFE’s domination.

I wanted to attach these screenshots of the websites above in case anyone didn’t set everything up on their phones but still wanted to see what mobile websites are on Alpha 2 so far:

This one is very cool and beautiful and shows some canvas animation possibilities on SAFE :+1:

@jpl i could only get the first second of these audio files to load on mobile, then they stop. Has anyone else had that issue?

Love this one, it’s a staple now. Have been seeing it since the Testnets before Alpha 1 :joy:

This Primer one still needs a tiny fix, it has extra, empty scroll space to the right side that needs to be removed.

and @polpolrene already put the screenshot of the dWeb blog above so I didn’t need to.

SAFE-FS mobile site being added to these soon!!


It’s ready!

Here’s some mobile screenshots:

And full website preview (although it’s actually the desktop version, in the video):


Looks great Will, great to have you back in action. :+1:


Thanks! Never left. Just dealing with life here and there