Minitrue: The Gamification Of The Truth Process


Here attached is a brief, aphoristic concept document that describes the foundations for a truth generation platform.

It is a social network based around a series of truth games that help accelerate the cocreative process.

This week I am working on a more concrete concept document and the initial design. Coding on the first clearnet game, Veracity, starts next week.

It makes sense to me to eventually port this to SAFE, but I don’t have that expertise.

If anyone is interested by this project, get in touch!




I read through the PDF and would really appreciate a tl;dr to give an overview or summary of, specifically, what it is and what it’s for.

There may be something interesting to it, but as presented it seems like high-sounding gobbledy-gook. Perhaps first-contact summary would help get past that.


TL;DR Cocreative art/philosophy social network

Truth games apply game constraints to cocreative processes like debate.

For example, by limiting each statement to 10 words, and forcing a 30 second turn limit, the players have to think precisely and on their feet. And by limiting a match to 10 turns, players gave give shape to any single debate, but quickly move on to the next match, or next player.

It’s like playing a chess app, where you are connected with a random player, but with mini debates.

Or more precisely, truth associations, which is more complex, but would demand more explanation.

Every statement is saved, and the crowd upvotes the best ones.

This is the most basic game. As the document explains, there are many others. I’m working on a more concrete document this week which I can post if people are interested.

Hopefully that clarifies a bit, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Just want to say this sounds very cool and would love to see it on the safe network.


agreed, Safe needs plenty of games :slight_smile: this one sounds like it will be cool !


“Lies find a way.”

Determining what is true based on what people like the best is very modern and in keeping with the times, but is it accurate? Truth is often ugly and uncomfortable and not very popular.



Would love some sort of weighted voting algorithm that would solve this problem but that is beyond me!

Could be a great project/app/experiment. It just seems like it needs a new name because, like “inconceivable”, I do not think this type of application means what we think it means…

The SAFE Network is perfect for stuff like this, but when Grumpy Cat gets upvoted to the top, what truth is revealed…and was that the truth we were expecting…and at what point does the revelation feed back into infinite strange loops of truth causing unintended consequences or collateral damage…or worse, the truth turns out to be something that was better left unsaid.

From more of a philosophical perspective, trying to filter for truth indirectly means filtering out beauty and goodness at times by default. In this universe, a bias for truth may be counter-productive…even if we get the mechanism correct. Not a dismissal of the idea by any means, just a reminder/word-of-warning.

Quriously timely.