Minimum trading limit

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well. I have a simple question about the purchasing about MAID.
Having recently stumbled upon this project, I have gotten excited and I would like to show some support. However, I am a student and as such I currently do not have a large amount of funds available for free spending. I was hoping to purchase just ~10 or 5 MAID to support the project, or at least show confidence.

All exchanges I have found allow minimum transactions of 50 EUR/USD.

Could anyone explain to me why it isn’t possible to trade with less than 50 EUR? It seems pointless to me

Thank you all for your time and have a lovely day!

It would seem the SAFE community is very kind. Aside from that, perhaps a trading exchange that does not have a minimum spending entry could be a good idea for an app on the network? This way access to digital currencies would be a lot easier for a lot more people.

Hi, I’ll send you 10 maidsafecoins, write to me your bitcoin address :slight_smile:


Hi @derstuka and welcome to the community.

Glad to hear that you are keen on the project - we are too you’ll not be particularly surprised to hear.

Personally I’m new to the whole crypto scene so I can appreciate your frustration.

PM me your wallet address and I’ll ping you a couple of MAID to get you started (and it let’s me practice too).



Beat me to it @Dimitar - the goodwill is flowing from us today!


Is there a wallet for MAID? I get a bit confused when it comes to wallets for Crypto seems to be many to choose from. I am probably just lacking knowledge around MAID and why it would work with a bitcooin address I guess! So much more reading that I need to do!!!

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Maid is omni token on bitcoin blockchain… You can use every bitcoin address, but you can send maid only through


Thank you! I’ll get OmniWallet once I get home!

Thank you comrade, I am very grateful for your kind gesture.


Hey! Thank you very very much for your kind offer. However, Dimitar has already offered, and so I would feel it wrong of me to also have you send them to me. Nevertheless, your good will is appreciated. I do hope you have a lovely day.


in 2014 when I got my coins in this forum I read the idea of taking coins for family / friends. So I took for all of them.

This is the best way to show your support :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, is there a cost associated with moving from one omni wallet to another?
I like the idea of sharing a few with a few people . Cheers


yes, you pay a small Bitcoin fee