Minds - a free, open source, privacy based social network

I went to look at the source and it doesn’t appear to be available yet. The product is in alpha. It claims to be a co-operative and to ensure privacy through encryption, but there’s very little information on the websites.

Interesting though, and maybe it could be ported to SAFE or at least some of the code re-used.


It seems the MSM has appetite for such technology now…
independent.co.uk: Super-private social network launched to take on Facebook with support of Anonymous
Of course everyone knows that Anonymous is an intel agency psy-op… or is that just what they want you to think?.. muhaha.

GetGems is another work in progress, blockchain based social network, though I don’t know that’s aspiring to be entirely anonymous. I think I’ve seen a couple of others but less interested in the social apps to have noted those.

Heres a quick review by voidsec:

Perhaps off topic but I wonder that a phone could make use of SAFE in future. For example… some hack of https://home.silentcircle.com/

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Pretty sure that anonymous is both.

but that’s totally just my $.02

and I have no idea if it was

Organic org → Propaganda tool
Propaganda tool → Organic org


I very much want to make a phone that has been MAID safe. In fact, I’ve spent the past year of my life trying to put together 100% compatible:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Routers
  • PCs
  • Microservers
  • “and more!”

That are based on a module that I’m putting together that would enable interchangeability of compute between the devices by bundling RAM, CPU, and storage into a single module that would then be the swappable component.

(Current status: have raised operating funds for 8 months and now need to get machinery going on. That’s going to cost ~2-10M depending on the level of automation that the machinery enables.)

Wish me luck!