Military Micro & Millimeter Waves

Excerpt from a chilling interview between the editorial director of ‘MIlitary Embedded Systems’ and MACOM’s vice president of strategy…
(MACOM Technology Solutions is a developer and producer of radio, microwave, and millimeter wave semiconductor devices and components)

"The U.S. military relies more and more on sophisticated radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems to maintain strategic advantage in peace and in wartime. This also means more demand for RF and microwave technology, a demand that is growing faster than the military market itself, says Doug Carlson, Vice President of Strategy for MACOM. In the following Q & A he discusses this market trend as well as the impact of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology on military radar systems, how commercial manufacturing practices are lowering the life cycle costs of military semiconductors, and how the defense industry needs to do a better job of recruiting young engineering talent.

MCHALE REPORT: Looking forward, what disruptive technology/innovation will be a game changer in the military radar world? Predict the future.

CARLSON: What will have the most profound influence in the active antenna market is 5G telecommunications. If you start looking at active areas where people employ next-gen telecom networks they are using phased array antennas at many different frequencies. Given the economies of scale with the larger commercial market, innovation in phased array technology for the military will be available a much lower cost than if the military funded this development on its own.

In the past with phased arrays the military only essentially played with technology it owned. Now with this technology being adapted by commercial applications, learning cycles are shortened, costs come down more rapidly, and things change more quickly. It starts with active antenna solutions transitioning beyond the military to civil communications, then to the consumer market. "

5G is now well on its way to widespread domestic implementation 5 years after this article in ‘Microwaves & RF’ was published…With plenty of scientific evidence to prove the damaging impact of exposure to Millimeter wave radiation - for example

It is described here by ‘Microwaves & Radio Frequency’ - an organisation which supposedly and theoretically"specializes in providing comprehensive information and resources for its audience of specialists in high-frequency electronic design." as ‘supposedly’ and ‘theoretically’ safe - with a charming image of a tank firing it at a group of people, one of whom appears to be already running away…

“…As these examples have shown, the majority of military applications have explored using millimeter waves as an enhancement technology. However, the U.S. Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center is collaborating with the Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program to develop a millimeter-wave-based solid-state active denial technology (SS-ADT). The SS ADT uses a 95-GHz steerable array that projects high-powered waves toward people in an undesired location (Fig. 5) . By their nature, the 95-GHz waves theoretically allow only limited penetration (up to 1/64th of an inch into the skin). Although the body’s water molecules and nervous system would be heated and disrupted by the millimeter-wave radiation, no permanent injury would supposedly occur as long as people were only exposed to minor doses
*image *
“5. Using millimeter-wave technology to limit access to sensitive locations is a unique application of the technology. It could provide non-lethal deterrent systems that could be installed on mobile or fixed platforms

Fantastic . . Humans are doomed . .


Thick wet jacket might protect you or strong mind.

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Or the Total Recall towel skull cap that Arnie put on

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"These Millimeter waves are cooking me Iike a readymeal!"

Disturbing Military sponsored, positively enthusiastic marketing Video of the SS-ADT in action - plenty of deeply unpleasant comments appeared below it but this one was both sickening and informative…:scream:

The 2018 test sent the test subjects jumping, screaming enough! and running after 3 seconds! with the new 5th gen. “5 , terahertz” model nicknamed “Darth” was at level# 16,it goes up to level 100 !!! they have cooked raw chicken in 15 seconds at level# 60, at 2 football fields distance!, and exploded a 2 liter of soda in 4 seconds at level# 90**Think what it can do to a brain!!

This reminded me of the mystery noises heard by some American diplomats in Cuba. Apparently there’s still no consensus on what happened:

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Unfortunately, it would appear that developing sonic weapons has been on the military ‘to do’ list for some time…
“…by 1973 the Squawk Box was used by the British Army in Northern Ireland. It was a directional weapon that could target specific individuals by producing audible sound at about 16 kHz, which turned into infrasound at 2 Hz when it coupled with the ears…”
The symptoms listed in this article appear to match many of those suffered by the diplomats in Cuba…

From about 100 to 140 decibels infrasound causes a variety of biological symptoms depending on the frequency and power level. Basically, the higher the power level, the greater the damage. The effects include: fatigue, pressure in the ears, visual blurring, drowsiness, imbalance, disorientation, vibration of internal organs, severe intestinal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Higher power levels can liquefy bowels, and resonate the internal organs causing death. Infrasound can also cause feelings of pressure in the chest, choking, irregular breathing patterns, and respiratory incapacitation.
High powered, low frequency sound from about 30 Hz to about 100 Hz (just beyond infrasound) causes the following biological effects: fatigue, blurred vision, bowel spasms, pain or damage to internal organs, feelings of fullness in the chest cavity, chest wall vibration, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, choking, and respiratory impairment.



U.S. military has big plans for the kinds of new applications that 5G communications networks will enable

As 5G technology is rolled out, the Pentagon wants to pursue what it calls dynamic spectrum sharing between the military and industry.

Dec 16th, 2019
As 5G technology is rolled out, the Pentagon wants to pursue what it calls dynamic spectrum sharing between the military and industry.

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is launching a new initiative that will shape its long-term plans for integrating 5G networks into U.S. military operations. National Defense magazine reports.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

16 Dec. 2019 – The term 5G refers to the oncoming fifth generation of wireless networks and technologies that will yield a major improvement in data speed, volume and latency over today’s fourth-generation networks, known as 4G.

5G networks are expected to be as much as 20 times as fast as 4G. The improved connectivity may enable a slew of new technologies, such as hypersonic weapons, resilient satellite constellations and mesh networks.

5G communications are a top priority for the office of the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, and the Pentagon is kicking off a new effort to experiment with the technology for various mission sets

Now do you understand this simple thing you posted? What do you get out of it?

It is very clear in what it is saying and the consequences of that.

I understand the difference between physics and biochemistry - which is clearly a very important distinction to make when considering the impact of MMW radiation - It is interesting to note the progress of the 5G roll out eagerly anticipated by the military industrial complex…

That was avoiding the question. So I take from that you do not understand what was said

Its simple. Digital phones use the frequency spectrum unlike radio stations where they use one frequency for all transmission.

The allocated spectrum is split up into separate frequencies with necessary gaps between them so no interference occurs. There could be say 100 frequencies.

Now when a call or data blocks are sent, the phone and tower negotiate the pattern on frequencies they use. The call starts out on one frequency and as the call (data packets) progresses the phone/tower are hoping between the frequencies in a set pattern. This aids in security and allows for reject a frequency that may be attenuated due to the building the phone is in.

That was the background workings of digital communications needed to read this simple statement.

The military is examining ways to use the commercial 5G network for their secure communications Phone/Data in a way that does not reduce the commercial usage of the spectrum but allows them to also utilise it in a shared fashion.

It is purely and simply examining a way to use their own phones and data networks without requiring building separate infrastructure or interfering with the commercial use of the infrastructure.

This can include paying the commercial operators more money to install higher capacity equipment, or being able to use frequencies in between the frequencies currently being hoped by commercial calls. And there are a couple more ways that require more technical knowledge than is suitable for a forum post and requires a background in electronic engineering.

There is nothing in that related to weapons, or high power transmitters that can penetrate the skin layer at normal ranges from the tower (ie mega watt transmitters, instead of watts transmitters)

It is purely research into how best to integrate military communications into commercial systems

assumptive and rather insulting.

I truly do not doubt your expertise in the field of physics or telecommunications. The issue with EMF exposure and MMW radiation is the pathophysiological impact which is biochemical in origin - in short -there are pathopysiological effects which are not explained by accurately describing the source…as you will have no doubt read the several documents I have posted elsewhere in the forum - again, to quote Martin L Pall PHD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, explaining the mechanism of biological impact -
EMFs act by activating what are known as voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), opening up those channels and allowing calcium to flow into the cells, such that most of the consequences of such opening involve the effects of excessive intracellular calcium including downstream effects. The evidence for a VGCC role is that in two dozen studies, one could block all measured effects of EMFs by using calcium channel blockers, drugs that block these voltage-gated calcium channels. The downstream effects of excessive intracellular calcium include elevated nitric oxide (NO), NO signaling, peroxynitrite derived from NO and consequent oxidative stress. Heating which as you know is the basis of both the U.S. and International safety standards, has nothing to do with the biological effects, and therefore the safety standards are based on a false assumption.

commercial access to the spectrum has been extended massively. 5G tests that see birds falling dead are because the higher ranges are temporarily engaged. The system has the capacity to cause severe damage to living organisms. A long, low dose will have a severe impact - and yes - it concerns me that the capacity to emit short, high doses is becoming supported by a massive infrastructure - the SS-ADT devices effectively operate in the same bandwidth -

N/ N/ N/ N/ BBN/ B
The keyboard on this computer has been causing alot of problems typing in the past 24 hours, it seems to repeatedly type n/n/bb without my consent -

I honestly feel you are unnecessarily haunted by this subject, and you look for the negative where there is none. Towers are built for a certain capacity and theere is no test mode that engages higher power. Its a pure waste of resources and especially a lot of money. So right off the bat this story is based in lies.

Also that birds dying has been debunked so many times I am surprised it survives and used by the most troubled by all this.

There is so much of what you say that is easily debunked, but you returned with such conviction that I and I suspect others rarely engage you because of your disbelief of what we show you and you always have an answer to combat the truth with.

interestingly, I feel very similar about my communication with you!
The rogue keyboard isnt helping much at the moment, as I seem to spend more time deleting n/bbn// etc than writing sentences - I will resolve this issue - in the meantime - reticence or refusal to accept any of the information provided in relation to the harm caused by EMF exposure significantly, likely to worsen with inescapable exposure to MMW radiation - does not detract from, nor eradicate, scientific, proven, evidence.
The sad fact remains that, even if you were to accept a vast amount of scientific evidence to support my assertion that EMF exposure and MMW radiation is harmful, and that the skin is not a biologically inactive, impermeable barrier - the widespread implementation of MMW radiating towers is going ahead whilst we are safely confined to our homes,
Yes - I feel genuinely distressed by this occurence. Last year, there was still time to see the process halted - ‘inescapable exposure to MMW radiation’ isnt a consumer friendly slogan like ‘5G roll out’ - but they both refer to the same result. And as I said - I can’t stop it. So I have to wait and watch the damage escalate.

This is going to be my last exchange for now. You did not address using fake information to bolster your argument, which I understand you firmly believe and I realise you do not see it fake. So there is a disconnect here that cannot be breached.

I assure you, the information is genuine -

Ok. Wishing you well.

Thank you.

Unfortunately you have shown what I said. Your reply about fake info, you reply with a totally unrelated pdf that did not address the fake info I pointed out about the birds.

This is your disconnect, when shown wrong you jump to another thing, you always have something else to respond with when you cannot support your claims.

I included this in a hope you can see how your discussions are not direct when people challenge your claims.

I hope you can find the answers you look for, and I hope in the great circle of your research you find the actual truth and not some sugar rush truth, whatever that may be. Maybe start with this disconnect I have shown you and then discussions with people may become fruitful.

Bye for now