Migrating Blockchains onto the SAFE network

I’ve been playing this in my head and thought this might worth a discussion.
Presuming the SAFE network goes ballistic. Will it even be technically possible to migrate an existing decentralized network from the old internet to SAFE ? or lets put it this way - Can Bitcoin and Ethereum, migrate to the SAFE network?
Moreover, presuming (I’m very positive) a blockchain can exist on the SAFE network - does that mean it cannot “live” without Safecoin payments?


It should be possible but I’m no longer a fan of the idea to move a slow bloated blockchain to SAFE actually. Some Lightning Network capabilities would be fine thought, but let me ask you a question:

If SAFE has its own fast Safecoin. And if you can choose to do a public transaction (visible in a datachain) or a private one. Why would we need a Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain on SAFE? What would it add?

My answer would be nothing :sunglasses:. We can do all we want with SAFE’s datachain, including smart contracts etc.


How would Smart Contract in Safenet be different from Blockchain? Will they have same capability or one is more superior?

Another way to respond to this is, assuming it is effective, why migrate the bitcoin or Ethereum platforms / blockchains to SAFEnetwork when you can migrate the apps that currently use them and get the benefits of security, true anonymity, instant transactions, scalability, lower fees, energy efficiency and a truly decentralised platform, and a ledger that you can trust without having to download it?


Just curious to know if you have some idea how datachains enable implementation of smart contracts? I am myself thinking about how these should be done.

We don’t know the how yet, but I am confident that the functionality currently available from blockchain can be provided using the SAFEnetwork as the platform instead of for hosting a blockchain, because SAFEnetwork solves the same problem but with additional capability (eg the ability to secure data en masse, scalability, true anonymity, and true decentralisation). Compute is not part of the design yet, but is going to happen and is feasible provided that SAFEnetwork achieves its current goals (as defined in the roadmap).

[P.S. @nicklambert, the old roadmap link
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Each group of Vaults has its own little datachain, that opens up possibilities. The question is if you want to make a serial immutable chain. But the Vaults could run a small VM.


There’s been work to enable moving Dogecoins to the Ethereum blockchain and back. If an Ethereum token was made on SAFE I guess it should be possible to move ethers to SAFE without having to run the blockchain on SAFE. With ethers it should be possible to make a mechanism so that you could move them back to the Ethereum blockchain also, like with the ether/doge link. With Bitcoin you could make a Bitcoin token on SAFE and then burn the Bitcoins to move them to SAFE, then they would no longer be compatible with legacy Bitcoins though.

I hope a mechanism can be found to make a network of Safe connected Bitcoin nodes that enable tokens to be sent to a distributed multi-sig Escrow Bitcoin wallet, which issues Safe based Bitcoin tokens that can be redeemed back onto the blockchain by returning an equivalent token to the contract at a future time.

No idea if that’s possible, but if it is, it would open up interesting possibilities of interaction between Safe and blockchains.


There is actually a topic discussing this.

But if you operate a blockchain using SAFE as the storage then it will be damn SLOW, mining would crawl because of the lags in the network compared to the ultra fast speeds and very small lags of a local disk. Think in terms of 100s or 1000s of times slower.

It would only be good to store a blockchain on SAFE for personal Nodes or low usage public nodes. Mining or high usage nodes would fail really compared to using a cheap local disk. Might be good for resyncing a node since it can rely on the SAFE blockchain to be a true image and simply copy it then resync.

As others have said, migrate the applications and data to SAFE and use SAFE’s native abilities to do the same job more efficiently.

It will have to pay for storage and obviously updating the blockchain.


Will do, cheers Mark.


I think moving entire blockchains to SAFE would be a total waste of time as many have said, however I believe using SAFE merely as a messaging layer to send transactions in a totally encrypted manner will add a huge level of MITM and other privacy and security, to the extent that once SAFE is mature, it may become the standard way to transact, even if many messages are still broadcast on the open web.

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The thing is that I had a lot of questions while finding out the differences between cryptocurrencies and blockchain. And only after reading of this I found out these notions differences.