Middle People's Role

Ok folks here is my issue. To much of the info here is over the heads of anyone except developers. I want to be a farmer but when I go to look up what is involved it’s in another language basically. I have multiple computers a high speed business connection but reading the documentation I have NO idea how to begin farming.

I really think there needs to an involvement of we “middle people” who are not developers but not the average person who only knows how to get on facebook and send an email. The people who do a little programming when they have to during website builds and have an interest in this need a way to help.

I have one question for the developers here. Which computer language is going to be the most used in the future? I am going to learn one but which one?


Hi DanaD

I’m not really a programmer, but Rust seems to be the prefered language. BTW is that is to difficult for starters you could check here: codecademy.com and learn easier stuff.

Also when the SAFE Network comes out there will be tutorials for farming, so don’t worry about that.

They probably be as informative like this, for Ethereum mining

If not enough people will be around to help


My concern is that people like me come here and then leave and don’t come back because there seems to be no role for us. I just hate to see the project lose energy and people leaving and not returning is a loss. Maybe a section on future involvement? I have trouble even seeing where the project is because of all the technical details.

For personal reasons I am very excited about this project and really want to see it succeed. So please don’t take this as a criticism just a suggestion.

Thank you very much for the suggestion and video will check them out right now.


The procedure is fairly strait forward when the network finally goes live. To farm you will simply download the SAFE software on the machine you want to farm with, then there will be a very easy to follow step by step wizard that will allow you to specify things like the amount of space you will give to the network and bandwidth allotment. That’s it. Once your machine is up and running with everything installed and configured, every time somebody on the network accesses a chunk stored in your vault (the hard drive space you devote to SAFE), your vault will be rewarded with safecoin in lottery fashion. Kinda a roll of a dice based on several factors. Simplifying those factors could be somewhat misleading so I’ll leave it to another.

Though I’m not a developer of this project, I strongly believe that you should peruse python as your first language. See this http://learnpythonthehardway.org/ . The coding concepts and syntax are presented in a simple manner while also avoiding the barrage of low level system controls like memory management. From there I would strongly peruse RUST as it provides all of the benefits of well known and powerful languages like C++ and the protections of some of the higher level languages. When I say Higher and lower try to reverse the likely inclination to assume that higher means greater control. Lower level languages allow for control of almost every aspect of a computer system, while high level language have these done for you at the expense of granular control and execution speed which usually results in slower programs

I agree with this entirely. I advocate for this any chance I get. I’m tired of developers creating niche groups that by way carelessness (relative poor user experience) leave out others who could possibly benefit more from the technology. I2P is an example of this IMO. My goal is to encourage the production of super simple to use software that even an individual with dementia can wrap their heads around. I mean who knows where the next big leak will come from? This project is especially susceptible to security issues as a result of a poor adoption rate.


Your presence here makes me happy (because it shows me that another person on earth cares), so please never feel that you have no role. Everybody on this forum has their own role. It’s not really about all the tech talk, it’s more about having a safe environment where we can all live in harmony with each other. Just figure out what you are best at and try to make it work for you and others.

A lot will be possible on the SAFE Network and your just a early bird and that’s good, because in the future you can learn other people about the SAFE Network. Right now I also don’t got a lot to do, because I’m to lazy to code. But once the network is up, I’ll have a few friends code some fun stuff for me.

Please return back regularly even if it’s just to read the dev updates (I don’t understand everything, but I know it’s a little bit progress every week) I’m here almost daily because this forum (strangely) = home. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to sleep now, got to work tommorow :scream:

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Nothing’s ready yet,

Come back in a few months and check in again.

What are you looking for / expect? Nothing’s ready to farm yet. You know?


Join the farmers club and discover the network as it develops. Contact David Yamanaka @dyamanaka for details.


Whiteout…be nice.:slightly_smiling: We’ve all been there.


Sorry, was trying to be clear, not mean.


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He given an direct info. That is not mean… There is no emotional response from whiteout. That is a misconception you provided there, Tonda.

I would said the same thing. Come back in few months.

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I think it’s very hard to say what 1 language is going to be the most used in the future. The thing a lot of developers find is that after learning 2 or 3 languages, you start to see the similarities and that 4th or 5th one is a lot easier than the 1st or 2nd. I have worked in C#, PHP, and web languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and a little C++, Java, Python, Rust and other stuff. If I had to guess what 1 or 2 languages might be the best to learn I might suggest Python and Javascript.

Python is pretty easy to read and learn, so that’s a good beginning language, and it is generally run server side or directly as an executable on your computer. Javascript I would suggest second, which is generally for client side code on the web. It is maybe not the simplest, but it has so many uses and they are expanding. Beyond user interface code, It can be used to run applications for servers using Node or other server backends which use javascript.

There’s no wrong language to learn, really, just harder/easier and more/less applicable to what people are doing today, but they will all teach you most of the concepts you need to know to understand all of them I think. I’d look for teaching sites which go through learning specific languages in a tutorial fashion. I’ve heard code academy is good.

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I’ll look into the different languages suggested for sure and I’ll be around when there is a role for me. :slight_smile:


If you are visually inclined Processing is a great start to learn programming. It is based on Java, but with an IDE that takes care of the underlying code for visual representation. Instead of writing code to sort numbers or words as your first program you instead write code to make drawings. You get a direct visual feedback and can create beautiful generative art. And, basically, everything you can do in other ordinary computer languages you can do in Processing.

Here is a great start.

There is also a version of Processing working with Python code, called processing.py.


Your continued presence here helps to improve gender diversity and reminds us that we need to better cater to the general population. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and start threads regardless to how silly you might think the topic might be. I’ve learned a lot even from the most seemingly pointless topics.

There are roles for your level of technical knowledge. SAFE could benefit from artwork, written simplification of the networks’ capabilities, videos, marketing strategies, ideas that improve adoption rates, cool app ideas, and many other non technical contributions. Remember, the faster people pickup this technology the better it will for all who use it. So in a sense anything you do for this project will impact you in a positive way.:slightly_smiling: That said, don’t be a stranger. Keep yourself updated on the project’s status by stopping by every Tuesday. Stay safe!:yum:

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