Microsoft just launched Decentralized Identity

How does this interact with or impact the SAFE network?

Is it compatible?


Well thats a long question to answer, and being as safe is as yet unfinished, probably impossible to answer wholly.

For starters, your giving a 3rd party your data and trusting them to dish is out to the right ppl with micrisoft. Or so i would imagine. They seem to have a flashy advert promising lots of cool things with absolutely no tech ideas discussed.

Will the code be open source? Highly doubtfull imho.

Safe would be able to do similiar in a safe and secure way.

Personally i would not want all that data / proof of me, stored by a 3rd party that i was not sure was being responsible with it.

Bitcoin gave us , be your own bank.
Safe will give us, be your own data manager.

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No. Maybe one day. Appears to share some principles. Thanks for sharing, looks interesting.

What I’ve read so far of this seems nice and all. I think this effort is a good thing.

Their web site / documents say otherwise. Of course, you can choose to not believe them or to believe there is an ulterior motive. I’m aware of their past tendencies to push proprietary solutions over standards and be aggressive towards open source software.

For the most part they’re talking about creating an open standard (not an implementation).

They say otherwise. They seem to talk the talk, lets hope they walk the walk…

I didn’t see any reference to the IETF. To me it seems a bit irregular for the W3C to undertake this. Regardless, I would like to see them succeed. If governments and corporations embrace this, it could cut down on identity theft (e.g. make it so that one day knowing someone’s social security number, date of birth, and name are basically useless to identity thieves because they can’t forge a digital signature without knowing the user’s private key).