Microsoft is getting involved with Ethereum

Microsoft will let its cloud customers build with Ethereum, and it’s also sponsoring the first Ethereum developers’ conference in London. (Source: WSJ BitBeat / @PaulVigna, Ethereum Blog / @GeorgeAHallam)

I wonder what types of partnerships MaidSafe might develop.


no wonder eth was pumped to 0.004 highest from lowest 0.0015

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Micro$oft isn’t exactly known for it’s transparency and promotion of freedom and security. Microsoft + a budgeoning cryptocurrency seems a bad mix to me.


I generally don’t like how Microsoft is its own ecosystem with vendor lock-in. But I think their participation will spur companies like Google and Amazon to participate in the space too and drive a whole new technology frontier.

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Microsoft usually buys out companies when offering “their” services.

Is Ethereum totally open source?

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Yes, Ethereum is open source. Counterparty is a fork of Ethereum.


counter party existed long before ethereum.

counterparty were planning on porting ethereum into counterparty but currently are not actively pursuing it. only did a few attempts/tests and got a hype pump from the “news” off it a while ago

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I stand corrected on counterparty as ethereum fork. Counterparty used some open source code from Ethereum.

Here’s a link on it:

IBM is a possible MaidSafe partner. IBM is more pro open source than Microsoft. And Google is too busy with their Web stuff and Android hacks, unless their parent company Alphabet starts some separate company for distributed systems and the Internet of Things.

Partners always requires things. Neither Microsoft nor IBM will partner without primary benefit to themselves, not for the ultimate benefit of their partner.

It is up to the negotiations to ensure that none of the agreements negatively impact the open source community. But I doubt that either Microsoft nor IBM are capable of that.

What did the Ethereum devs give/receive? Guaranteed wages for the devs or what? After Win10 I would (or have trusted others) want to audit the code before using it


Yes, if Ethereum becomes really big for business, then Microsoft will be in a good position as a cloud provider.

IBM is hugely into IoT and they could use the SAFE network as a platform for all their services around that. IoT Market Forecast At $11 Trillion, Report Finds

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IBM is already making IOT prototypes with Ethereum:

And a start-up company called Filament is using Ethereum as part of its technology stack for IOT mesh network (and has funding from Verizon and Samsung venture capital divisions):

Microsoft does seem to have changed their strategy recently. They have embraced Linux a little more and seem to be positioning themselves for a time where Windows may not be as important as it is today.

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Microsoft Azure announced today the first certified offerings for its Blockchain-as-a-Service cloud platform.

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I just don’t see how the blockchain is going to be used for business transactions, etc. and seen as the future of B2B and financial transactions/contracts/etc.

It takes nearly a half hour most of the time to move bitcoin from one place to another…have Ethereum and others found a way to make this instantaneous on the blockchain??

If not, it would seem SAFE has a giant advantage in this space!

I recall someone (@polpolrene or @dallyshalla perhaps) giving an example of playing a dice game on a system like Ethereum and the roll taking 20-30 seconds…response times like that would seem like a non-starter for a platform like this…


@polpolrene posted on something about it in the slack channel:


Microsoft states that it addresses some private blockchain scalability issues.
It will not solve the problems of public blockchains but could help to create more effective private blockchains for corporate customers.
Packed and certified products at smaller scale will be sooner adopted in corporate environment.

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…for a large monthly subscription fee… with all data mainlined to Big Brother I’m sure as well…lol!

Big corporates can sit and spin on SAFE’s GPL3 thank you saint Stallman!

Another reason to not to invest ethreum. It’s insane to see ethereum supporters cheering microshit are using ethereum technology. This is not a good indicator at all!

Blackcoin is the first coin that has 10 second confirmation, and the first to move over to pos from pow.

dashpay and ethereum took blackcoin concept and integrate into it. Even it is fast, it still needs larger blocks for transactions. Bitcoin unlimited found a way to compress the block, and has the ability to propagate through the network within 2 seconds from China to Britain. The key component here is to have MORE full nodes. That is the biggest issue with the blockchain, it takes too long to download, and cost too much resources. Luckily enough, with this new meshnet project, we can compensate that fairly easy.

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