Microsoft Bullies Open Source Projects: is the Blockchain Their Next Target?

These Bullying tactics have helped Microsoft to maintain market share without innovating, as more and more embedded and enterprise systems are turning to Linux and BSD to drive their products. They have a consistent history of cracking down on open source software that hurts their bottom line. This latest move from Microsoft should raise questions in the cryptocurrency community, as Microsoft’s Azure shares a lot of features in common with services like MaidSafe and Storj Labs’ open source offerings. They’ve even entered a similar patent deal with SalesForce to the ones that started trouble with other open source projects. Even Ethereum could be seen as potentially infringing by Microsoft. They have a significant stake in blockchain technology now, and given their history of going after projects like this, open source blockchain applications and toolkits are prime targets for Microsoft’s anti-competitive behavior.

Maidsafe were well-advised to get defensive patents. David made it clear they would only be used by the foundation to ensure safenetwork’s survival, but I do sleep a bit easier knowing they exist.

Blurgh to microsoft! But no surprise. Sad to expect that kind of thing though.


lol it gets even worse

It is as if @dirvine can see into the future :wink:


Microsoft is like the Borg “You will be assimilated. Your patents and software will adapt to service us. Resistence is futile.”


I do not like microsoft at all. Anything they touch dies.

I sold all of my ethers when they announced BaaS, and partnership with ethereum. People really need to stand up and say no to corporates such as EA, Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft, etc.

People are soo apathetic especially when they release new game. They go out, buy it, then complain how shitty the quality it is. They already knew it’s crap, and they still proceed to eat that crap. It’s like eating your own shit and say, by golly it’s horrible but I need it to survive! It’s madness.


hey I’m a Blizzard gamer. I’ve been playing Starcraft since 1998. It’s one of the reasons I even bother with Windows. If you ever figure out how to run Starcraft 2 and other Blizzard games on Linux I’d probably be first in line to dump Windows. I don’t buy something if the quality is going to be shitty.

Blizzard itself is a great company but they made the biggest mistake by partnering with activision. Their quality went straight down, and pumping SC2 games at 60 bucks each.

I managed to get blizzard HoS, and SC2 liberty on wine. It has to be run under specific wine version to get it working.

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I agree the Activision merger was a complete mistake. The drop in quality is noticable as are their increased draconian politics. You’ll have to show me how to get it working over wine. I wonder if LotV still works that way. In any event it would be good to get a game going. :smile:

Didn’t Microsoft get involved with Etherium?

I cannot see that arrangement ending well for Etherium. All Microsoft has to do is adopt the technology into one of their products (maybe even the WIN OS itself) and effectively use their market dominance to sideline the Etherium network

Imagine if Microsoft made arrangements with SAFE and sneaked a clause in that effectively allowed it to make every computer with WINdoze as the OS a vault/node/client with either its own network/coin, or just stay on the SAFE network. Then have all the vaults pay microsoft.

Forget datacentres, this would out scale them 100’s of 1000’s to one and really would corner the safecoin earning market.

That is exactly what they’re doing with ether. They are going take the advantage of it by using private blockchain. Once millions of people use mircoshit token blockchain, whats the point of using ether?

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What a bunch of nonsense!

They’re attempting to limit open-source development with buy-outs, patent trolling, and charging royalties for products that use Linux. Their recent efforts have them grabbing up patents for open source technology including software developed by Canonical, publishers of the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu.

In translation for capitalist minded folks, MS has been:

  • rewarding OSS developers by paying them for the code
  • registering patents like all companies do (including MaidSafe)

The reference to Salesforce, for the few that actually bothered to read, is about Salesforce settling because they figured they can’t win.
The link to Ethereum has nothing on it.
And the rumor about MS dropping Bitcoin has been debunked yesterday.

Complete nonsense of an article.

The OPer might want to check out some of Microsoft’s crypto-tech patents which predate MaidSafe, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Oh right, let’s just ignore MS actions in the last two decade.

Build proprietary software, and OS
Collaborating with the US government
Secretly passing data to NSA, and the US government
Forcing people to download Win10
Record every actions to microsoft servers
Skipping windows9 because they can't count numbers

Guys, they’re going open source, and investing into linux! Let’s ignore all of their actions!

  • Where does it say they forced people to buy Windows?
  • Although you’re obviously a keen MS follower, you missed the news about their own Linux distribution.