MICROSOFT BaaS - what would the point be?

Can you guys tell me some advantages MAID would get from being apart of Microsoft BaaS ?

I have the ability to get the attention of certain individuals and would like to know what I should say when I talk about MAIDSAFE.

Does anyone here from this community mind giving me some pointers? I happen to know some people over at MSFT. I am not sure if Marley has taken a hard look at MAID yet.

  • I know MAID does not work on a blockchain so would their even be a point in bringing this to their attention?

  • would it make sense to add it to their service?

  • Thank you

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I think not. SAFE is like you said not connected to a blockchain or something. So App-devs could just use the API to connect to SAFE without the users giving away credentials. Big companies might want to run their local version of SAFE.

  • would it be a good addition to Azure in any way shape or form?

  • Would it be worth mentioning in an email?

  • what would be a + for MSFT to do this?

You might wanna connect a blockchain project to the blockchain using some sever somewhere, if it’s Azure or something else. That makes it more easy because you don’t need to run a local blockchain. But for SAFE?? I really can’t think of an option without connecting to servers again. SAFE is about getting rid of the servers. So run a local Vault/Client and you’re good. Just my 2 cents here…

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I would pitch it as a protocol, low down in the network stack, rather than a product, and:

  1. This particular protocol is mathematically proof against sybil attacks (although don’t ask me to explain the maths, send them to ioptio) and traffic analysis (again, my grasp of that is intuitive). that means that anything that is built on it has the best security in the world already baked in.

  2. It has (for the first time) been shown (on a live network) to allow completely peer-to-peer (i.e., serverless) authentication to network resources and to your own, private data.

  3. It use a blockchain-less consensus, another solution to the two-generals problem.

  4. The above considerations allow for a digital currency that incentivizes the provision of network resources such as disk storage. This is already well along in the planning stages.

  5. A bit further off, another implication is a world computer (“compute layer”) that will do everything Etherium can do but without dragging around the albatross of a blockchain.


Seeing as SAFE will allow anyone to store their own data privately I don’t see a reason for them to use Azure. Azure could theoretically use SAFE to store user data I suppose but what would be the point of paying for a service you can access on your own directly via the SAFE network? Largely the biggest advantage SAFE offers Microsoft or any big corporation is keeping their user’s credentials and personal information secure by not storing it on centralized servers that can be hacked. They can store user data on SAFE as well but as I said paid cloud services largely become obsolete when SAFE enters the equation.

Microsoft could rig it so that users could keep their data directly on SAFE. This alleviates them of any legal liability they might face if the data was on their own servers. No legal liability, no reason to be able to access the data. But the other side of that coin is no cloud service to sell. SAFE does get faster the more a piece of data is used. This has a huge potential for the internet 2.0 or games that would be developed on SAFE. So if Microsoft were to build apps based on SAFE they’d stand to profit that way just like any other app developer. I don’t know how popular they’d be if they were closed source but the theory is still sound.

Do you guys see it co existing with things like LISK or ETH or killing them all off?

I would need to craft a well thought out email with your guys help ^ thanks to the poster above nice post…

If anyone is up in helping me get some ideas out to them…post as much information as you can here. What would you say? How would you pitch it? What advantages would it have for them? Is it a threat to BaaS and Azure things like LISK and ETH or can it further empower things they are already vested in?

  • Thank you again for all the replies

I don’t know if they could use it but from a simple consideration of due diligence: If I were the CEO of MSFT I would want to know about such a disruptive technology, and if I were a consultant to them I would be remiss not to bring it to their attention.

No, there’s room enough for all. Ethereum is focusing on smart contracts with 1 blockchain. Lisk uses a blockchain per App. SAFE is focused on decentralized storage in the first place.

What advantages does MAID hold over STORJX?

  • Thank you

Well I can’t speak to things like LSK and ETH but consider that already MAID and BTC price seem to be intertwining. Also consider that there will be decentralized exchanges created for SAFE, for example SAFEx, that will allow people to buy and sell any currency whether on or off SAFE or on or off the blockchain. Just because SAFE doesn’t have a blockchain doesn’t mean it can’t interact with currencies that do. So I can see people farming safecoin then selling that safecoin for bitcoin or etherium or whatever cryptocurrency they prefer and that goes on to circulate and affect the blockchain economy. Or vice versa, people will buy bitcoin in order to buy safecoin quickly. Also consider that at the present time most vendors in the crypto world accept bitcoin as the standard so if you want to buy actual goods you need to pay in bitcoin. Over time as more people adopt safecoin that might change but at the moment having a functioning exchange will be very important.

SAFE does offer some things bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies don’t. Namely true anonymity. Also using structured data one can easily create one’s own cryptocurrencies based on SAFE cheaply. Once one starts trading on a blockchain or on the clearnet one is limited to psudo anonymity. Now there are some uses for a blockchain like say financial tracking or keeping records. But as far as security goes it’s inferior. Also the blockchain tends to bog down after awhile and get enormous as can be demonstrated by bitcoin. So I think SAFE may overtake blockchain based tech at some point but I’m not convinced it will outright kill them off and certainly not right away. There will certainly be a period with a lot of trading going on back and forth between different technologies. However in the long term I don’t see laggy blockchain tech coming out on top when SAFE can do everything they can and more, and do it faster and better.

Perhaps you should read the wiki.

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Maybe the roadmap could answer some of your questions?

Thank you. Is MAID potentially the most anon crypto currency then? What would make it more anonymous for transacting compared to say DASH or SDC?

^^ all other cryptocurrencies aren’t anonymous (maybe except of zerocoin[?]) but only pseudonymous - all transactions can be seen by everybody on the blockchain and if you know who the owner of a special address is you can see how many coins he has laying on that address - without a blockchain tracking transactions is slightly harder :wink:


It’s too narrow a focus, which coin is more anonymous, since SAFEnet is far more than a coin.

In response to your question I looked up DASH and SDC. Dash is a system of obfuscation that has its own tokens, but after you’ve done the pass-through to anonymize your currency transaction you still have to find a place to spend them. SDC claim to provide an eco-system but I was put off by the buzzwords they were throwing around: basically, I don’t understand it (from a five minute video, at least)! Do you? :slight_smile: XOR space, on the other hand, I understand… mostly. :slight_smile:

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what is XOR space?
not sure I know what this is

Please do your homework. There is tons of documentation on the principles of SAFEnet. You sound like a reporter doing a quickie article.

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That or a Microsoft employee trying to do research for a report to his boss. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a day job but still do your homework.

ah thx - yeah … right … i didn’t do any research and just farted out my thoughts Oo … thanks for your more qualified response here :slight_smile: