"Micro" PUT proposal

Yeah, I certainly do. Any solution has to still preserve the integrity of the network though.

Background ‘micro vault’ tasks (as suggested in the other thread) could help. Like, not shovelling tons of data, but helping the network in a way that could be handled on mobile devices or in the background on other apps, until you’ve done enough to earn an account packet.

Maybe there will be other schemes too. It’s tricky though.


I was responding to the notion of debt

But it still causes that unintended consequence

To that I agree…

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Debt is just an IOU though isn’t it.

1 Safecoin = IOU x amount of resource = x amount of PUTs

That is a debt that is owed by the Network, aka individual farmers. That is on their balance sheet. If it is offered for free, then it needs to be serviced for free. If that debt becomes too large, then the incentive to provide resources falls below the cost of providing them, and the network falls apart.

This could be just natural accumulation over time, or though a deliberate spam attack as @neo is pointing out.

Maybe established vault operators could be paid to create captchas. If enough are solved entry is allowed.

Just tossin ideas :neutral_face:

Yeah, that’s a form of work that could be done by a user to pay for an account.

You could imagine someone like Google or Amazon creating an app that offers Captcha’s for Safecoin.

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Given the relatively even distribution of data and the size of the proposed PUT it would take roughly 1000 vaults to use 1TB. Considering the discussions about junk data and growing HDD capacities I don’t see this as being that great of an issue.

Even if you assume that 30% of total users will try to make a few free accounts, the number of those that go into the hundreds or beyond is low.

Maybe vetted (by MS) 3rd parties could be allowed to advertise on the account creation page of the safebrowser. The page could alert users of the safecoin earning oppertunity that comes from clicking the advert.

This is factored in to the economic decisions of “Free to GET, Pay to PUT”, so more free stuff will come out of someones pocket.

I’ll wait for someone smarter than me to come in and correct me on that though :slight_smile:

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Any and every earning oppertunity should presented to the user the moment they open the browser IMO. It a bit more work for MS to keep the different opportunities updated but I see profit for MS as affiliates to some of these respectable companies.

Yeah, again, this could become an app. ‘Pay me to look at Ads’ type thing. Just how long you’d need to look at them though, and how valuable that would be to advertisers , is something that would be determined by an open market.


TBH, I don’t think this is the sort of thing MaidSafe would get involved in. But would be an open opportunity for other devs to explore.


IMO this remains as one of the last and most important unsolved problem. We need to wrap this up ASAP :slight_smile:

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Thats fine. Though such an app could be bundled into the SNapp by default as an “essential”.

It’s definitely not “essential” though. Vaults, and transferring of Safecoin are essentials, the network can;t really exist with out them.

But once we have them, then yeah, lots of opportunities for people to earn and trade become viable, and people will get busy making all sorts of wonderful businesses.


IMHO growth is essential. No growth no security


I need sleep. I’ll touch back later. :v:

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One thought I had that may be worth considering… What about running (or each section running) a small account paid for by taking a small fee from each new vaults first farming payment or a tiny fee from every PUT? This would be used by the network to pay out the SAFE to cover the free micro PUTs for new users. Unlike government debt, though, once the “account” is spent it needs to re-charge sufficiently before new SAFE to cover micro-PUTs are paid out. This puts a limit on what a bot attack could do. The worst that could happen is the account(s) are drained and no micro-PUTS paid for a while. If someone wanted to keep up the attack indefinitely then micro-PUTS go away. That seems like a big effort for little damage to the network. An if the account(s) fill up then the PUT cost goes down slightly. Intent is not to run a profit center, but to buffer the funding of the micro-PUTs.

the thing that others have said nothing can be given even a micro put cause there are autmatic system made to take advantage of that and spam the network…

the idea is this:

PUTs are actually free because we have vaults where you offer your spare computing/storage to earn all the time safecoins.

so you activate a vault and your account automaticly fills up with PUTs.

in that thought you spend nothing cause you just did what anyone does with torrents and other systems but the result is that you gain safecoins and you can PUT.

this system cannot be gamed cause to get safecoin in that way you need to participate to the network so the network gains to give you the safecoins.

I am thinking that there should be ways to have people use safenetwork in a way that is “free” as in there should be an app that you would watch ads and get compensated in safecoin, or there should be a social media app/website that compensates you with safecoin just for watching posts or even a alternative browser like brave that you would just get some ads in the day and you would get in return safecoin that you could use right away.