Metered data allowance

Starting March 30, 2015, fees will be applied to customers who exceed their Internet plan’s monthly data allowance. Most TELUS customers are already on an Internet plan that meets their current needs. Only those that exceed their plan – the heaviest Internet users – will incur an additional charge. If you are one of those customers, you will be notified before being charged.

… less than 5% of our Internet customers are consuming 25% of the data on our network i

Telcos are getting smarter and that was one of my expectations for this year.
In some markets you can eat plans might soon become a thing of the past.

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Telcos need to be do their bulk pricing on a block plan. Businesses are tricked by this kind of stuff. No one is exceeding anything not even bit torrent types. Its a step toward bringing back the long distance scam and allowing sponsors to control everything. Data shortage models are bs.

No telcos are becoming bullshit more than ever before, and its time for a corporate execution quo warranto.
The public owns these market not these investment fools. It doesn’t really matter if investors get a return on equity things can be done at cost. You can you laud this stuff and then be freedom this and freedom that.

I don’t get your point of view. You like creating artificial scarcity with unnecessary gateways. You like the something for nothing model of profit.

Its like your not clear on what theft really is. Theft is mining the commons. But you bitch about taxes. You’re right there with pro DRM crowd.

According to your model it would be fine to prevent MaidSAFE and open hardware vendors from providing a free end user owned net because it would undermine the investment abuse of lazy parasites. Yours is a luxury model of freedom, freedom for the right people, the arbitrarily rich ones, at the expense of everyone else.

As long as the state wasn’t meddling I’d rather replace the telcos with state infrastructure and tax the rich to make it so. Telcos have been spying and aiding the state and now these games.

These telcos being the equivalent of geographic monopolies need to be met with an allowable profit model that stipulates that profit beyond a certain point will be taxed away and that there will penalties for any attempt to pass costs on to subscribers in any calendar year.

Intellus is a damn toll road, it investors need to be cashed out without gain. If there is any kind of dividend or questionable private contractor model investors are a credit card that can’t be paid off. We need a service maximization model not profit maximization models. We have to more and more question the contribution of profit and eliminate it where it doesn’t justify its existence-taxes are great for that.

To transport X TB of data from a bunch of points to another bunch of points, you need Y amount of equipment.
To transport 2*X, you need to invest about twice as much (2Y).

Now you’re saying these guys are capable of transporting 2X with 1Y.
If you were right it’d mean the stingy capitalists were burned 2X of capital investment instead of 1X.

Are they really that stupid? Or does transferring more data cost more money?

What’s the ocean of dark fiber about then? These pigs have been paid off. We need to contract them to do paid jobs but keep them away from stupid ownership arrangements. We dont want them in entitled return on equity expectations. They build a bridge they dont own it because that is a beyond useless rip off that amounts to theft. We pay them off up front and keep the cost down up front through competition on the bid and penalties to profit for cost overrun games. We also need contracts where we can boot them from a project midstream if they start playing money games.

The markets and the infrastructure are public property.