MetaDev is (still) offering free creative space to open source project leaders!

Hey guys, I am so glad that I thought of this place to post this info. I’ve met so many people on this forum bursting with awesome ideas and concepts for how to create a more inclusive, positive, and just plain awesome world. So, let’s keep up that tradition: Open Source in 2015 Dawn MetaDev

MetaDev is a multidisciplinary, multi-media product creation platform. As such, it’s a physical place. Here’s the address:,105.7591846,814a,20y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3

And here are a few choice photos:

This is where we will be making the moduolo platform. We’re going to prepare for the difficulty of manufacturing Moduolo by practicing on an easier to manufacture board based on a freescale imx233 cpu. We anticipate Moduolo by Sept 2015. The machinery for manufacturing will be located at 672 Quang Trung. We’re building an army of knowledge workers around that machinery. We’ll have experts in:

*Graphic Design
*Industrial Design
*Food Engineering
*Electronic Engineering
*Embedded Programming
*Open Source (everything)
*Open Source Business models & strategy
*Video Production
*Growth Hacking

and the like. We’re building a global-market-focused e-commerce platform based on Reaction Commerce, itself 100% open source.

We want people who think the maidsafe way. All people/teams who join us in Hanoi get monetization assistance-- as many of us know it is not enough to build a great open thing. You don’t have enough until that thing is selling, and that is where we help out. If you’ve got an open source project that can be monetized, and you’re willing to share a portion of the profits or even a portion of your company’s equity, or both, then we’ve got a space for you that requires no cash and enables you to live a very affordable lifestyle.

More photos and video:

If you’ve any questions:
Skype: faddat
hangouts / gmail: is up!


Good idea but you guys need a website.

Darn tootin. (america-speak for “you’re right”) Did it not work?

I thought the internet already solved this, I get what you mean, if your talking about hardware. But i’ve heard of software projects being worked on in a decentralized manner, by having teams in different countries. (examples: Eris Industries/Bitsquare and in the future Maidsafe).

I’m even willing to pay to have a few SAFEapps made through your solution.


We are only looking at people who can come here at the moment, because one of the problems that metadev is trying to solve is the communications difficulty that distance creates in the making of awesome tech products. We can support your coming, both through crowdfunding your flight if your project looks good, and through facilitating your life once you are here. Think the minimum is a month’s stay, though, and that’s for a lighter-load project.

I thought the internet already solved that. Yes I get what you mean with hardware. With software there are a few projects to my knowledge who work with teams in different countries (Eris Industries / Bitsquare).

BTW how do you sign a contract for the delivery of the project and the equity? Do you let somebody upload their idea on proofofexistence, with the equity they offer and after that send you the file through email? If you agree, you send them a message back.

Let’s say that the SAFE network is up&running. I don’t think it has a mechanism yet to split up payments. For instance I’m the owner of the app and I can enter my SAFEcoin address to receive payment for app usage, but can I also add your SAFEcoin address and your percentage?

What would also be a fun features to adding someone else their SAFEcoin address (multiple addresses and different percentages). Is if you can lock the agreement for a set time or till infinity, with that person. That way somebody doesn’t make you an app and you later on, can decide to take out their cut. Because they first have to unlock the agreement.

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Hey, that is some really neat stuff!

Hit me up on Skype ( faddat ) if you’d like. Sorry I didn’t get your first message’s meaning. I do see where you’re going with things though, and I should have done a bit of thinking saying it all had to be in one place. Let’s talk.

@nicklambert is it possible to add multiple SAFEcoin addresses/percentage of a SAFEcoin pay out, on your SAFE app?

Can “get requests” profits be split up into multiple wallets?

I must admit I’m not sure @19eddyjohn75, although it would be a desirable way to distribute SAFE app revenue amongst builders who have collaborated on a project. We will get into these specifics during the implementation of test safecoin during TN3. Sorry I couldn’t help more at this point.

The way to do this will be client side. So an app that receives payments can then be set to distribute these. Perhaps something worth testing in tnet3 for sure, but it’s a lot more complexity in core that I am not sure is worth the effort. The people decide though and if there is a need then we should do it. For the time being an app will do the job for sure.


No Problem sir
These are slimey & sticky questions
Keep up the good work

Please send these types of questions to @Viv :slight_smile: he lives for them.


Hey guys, This is still going on, and I’d love to talk with anyone who is interested. Don’t just file it in the “too good to be true” category and toss it aside: I’m 110% serious.

As for all the what-ifs and if-thens, we work those out on a case by case basis because there are too many to fathom. Point being: if you’ve got an open source concept you want to make into a source of income, we’ve got a plan to help you succeed.


Cayman1 is one of our projects:

More on Cayman1:

Metadevfoundation is the “host”. Cayman1 is my personal project, but here’s another:

Isn’t this already solved with the safecoin reward you’ll get when your app is used?

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I don’t know. Maybe. I sure hope that we can have multiple, complimentary solutions for funding open source development :smiley:-- then more things would hopefully be more open :)!

More open = more human benefit, methinks.

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