Metadata on the safe network

Is it possible to modify file and folder metadata on the Safenetwork? I could imagine many benefits of this such as improved searchability of files and a better user experience.
I have been looking around in the safeapi but when creating files it seems like metadata is created automatically, and there isn’t a way to edit it. That is slightly worrying so I ask can it be changed and how?

Edit: Ok, here is a document I found that show why this is important.


Hey @SansyBoy welcome to the forums! I’m also hoping for such a feature and it has been mentioned by @Krishna at SAFE’s Devcon 2018. There should be a video of Krishna at DevCon on the Maidsafe YouTube channel you could watch if you’d like to know more. I believe this feature this is something @happybeing is looking forward to as well. I’m not sure if it’s still planned or just not super high priority until after Alpha 3 is out but I don’t doubt it will happen :slight_smile:


Hi @SansyBoy,

Here’s @Krishna at DevCon2018: