Messaging - Will there be a way to tell if a user is online?

In the context of messaging, Messenger lets me know when a message has been received by Facebook, when it has synced to the recipient’s device, and when the recipient has read it.

Is there any circumstance in which the Safe network would tell a sender that the recipient has logged in or read a message? Maybe something dirty like tracking the last time they changed their safecoin balance? Any built-in protocol that requires the network to report a user’s online status in any way could be used as the basis for an invasive messaging app.

If not, having the network as a trustworthy message buffer would be a game-changer :​)

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I’m not on the tech end very deep, but I believe that such an invasive app would not be possible, at least without very specific implementation and permission. I’m not even sure that it could be done at all as the system is not “stateful”, i.e., nothing in the system keeps track of the users condition like an interactive app like Telegram, etc.

Now, I do think such could be built using the SAFE Network for establishing connections, etc., and then have participants carrying on a stateful experience sort of outside the network itself, but anything like that could be avoided by default.

I’ll let the techier guys tell you if I’m off in any way.

In the context of SAFE the APP would most likely immediately write the message to the recipient’s inbox, so informing you that its been sent is simply telling you if it succeeded in writing it to the inbox. Failure would be if there is no such recipient.

SAFE allows for any device to not download the message as such, so that part is irrelevant on SAFE

For informing you if the recipient has read it then most likely they would have to be using the same APP and the recipient allows it. Rather like how in the early days when email had the “receiver has read the email” flag. It went basically in to disuse due to people not allowing the read response.


As @fred explains this is something to be supported by the apps rather than by the network, although the parties won’t really need to use the same app, but use apps which implement the same protocol.

The recipient’s app can notify the sender that it received the message when it read it from the inbox in the SAFE network, and it can also notify the sender whenever the user effectively read the message. In both cases this is something the recipient’s app need to do and should be configurable and allowed by the user. One option to prevent its disuse is to do what whatsapp does, it lets you disable these type of notifications, but when you do that you won’t then receive them either, i.e. if your app doesn’t notify others when you read a message then you won’t be notified when others read the message you send either.

One thing that the SAFE network could do to aid this type of protocols is to have some push mechanisms which are not available at the moment, so apps don’t need to do a poll for checking new messages, notifications, or “read receipts” from other parties.


Only if by implementation of the client I.e if you are both using an application that will send additional messages to communicate things like read state etc


Correct @Msafe, that’s what I meant by “implement the same protocol”, e.g. you could implement your own app which implements the whatsapp protocol (I get it’s a modified version of XMPP) and you’d be able to communicate with any other user that’s using the whatsapp app, there are already some apps out there which do this.

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