Messaging Update?

Any updates on when messaging will be released? Ethereum Homestead is being released Monday, it’s time to catch the wave wink wink

Why focus on what Ethereum is doing? It will be ready when it’s ready :slight_smile:


Hardly a focus. More like a question with a little enthusiasm over the latest buzz. … really unnecessary.

Just way too cocky dude.:slight_smile:

It’s a fact, if you know more than this please let me know :slight_smile:

This is no way to respond. Pure arrogance dude. Relax.


What do you expect when you’re being called cocky for giving someone the only correct answer there is to give :slight_smile: ? But well, I’m going to relax now

I dont expect arrogance from a mod.

Neither do I expect to be called cocky. Back to the topic than, how would you answer OP’s question?

So dont be cocky.

I’d be a pro about it. Take a lesson from Ross. Something like “its a moving target but its coming soon!!!”

Who cares about ethereum.

Also this is not a cocky statement.

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Call me cocky again after someone tries to get back to the topic :+1:.

I don’t know if it soon or not, I’ve never seen someone saying that messaging is there soon. Vaults running on computers at home should be there soon, messaging I just don’t know. Please link me to the source where someone says soon, would make me very happy!

I received this 13 hours ago, looks like they are getting close:


@stonesfever Theres your answer OP - Not a hint of cockiness.