Messaging integration in Safe Browser

Dear All, maybe my question was answered before, but I haven’t been able to find anything on it:

Will there be an integrated messaging option in the Safe Browser, showing if you have received new messages from another Safenet user, like the feature we have on the safenetforum?



It would be like a great feature when this would be implemented as a default function of the safebrowser.

Definitely would be very convenient and intuitive. Messaging is of course fundamental to any communications platform.

Having it integrated into the browser further highlights @maidsafe 's goal of ease of use and a seamless UX.


I agree it’d be a great feature but I’m assuming they wouldn’t want to overcompete with new developers by integrating it into the browser but maybe first making a chat example app that doesn’t have any bells or whistles. Once the network is live then I believe they will be competing for sure though. I can’t wait for that moment because they’ll have some top notch apps. Patiently awaiting Lifestuff :yum:


Here is a topic to view about this

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I believe messaging should be bundled with the browser as a core feature to quickly attract and retain users. Having separate windows and apps for such a feature is poor UX for a newcomer.

It would make sense to have a basic messaging system built into the official browser without having to wait for competition before coding it in. It would seem underhanded in such a case. Since the browser naturally gets more exposure.

Messaging at the entry point that is the browser makes the user feel better connected to the new network as they could immediately begin socializing and potentially ask their peers for help delving deeper in the SAFE ecosystem.

A basic facebook type messenger by beta is a must. The more advanced features found in an AIM styled messenger would be a drain on resources before launch. Not needed or recommended. If the user desires such then they could hunt it down. If MS wants a slice of the advanced IM pie then let the games begin :wink:


100% agree …a must-have. And serves as a conduit for ongoing support notices, feature updates and links to what will be the new community. Messaging must be built in.


That’s an interesting point. It would be horrible if the SAFE browser becomes some centralized bloatware with basically monopoly on many functions.


If it was there by default I’d hope I could turn it off at least. I agree with the exposure argument for sure but if all I want to do is browse and I have basically one browser atm then it makes more sense to leave it as it’s own app. Like an example app that could be used for basic messaging, easily authenticated by browser, and a template for community developers. I think maidsafe is more interested in creating an ecosystem of developers but that’s just my viewpoint. I do agree that it would give exposure.

What I think would be cool is an App Store for safe network tutorial apps and 3rd party apps available by default in the browser. That I could get behind. On the left sidebar around the favorites “star” tab.


Good thing a few core features are going into it. Let users customize their browser and apps i say. As long as the browser intuitively springboards users into the world of SAFE then all is well IMO. Messaging indeed help enormously to accomplish that. Everything else should be left to the user.


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Don’t be a smart ass! Alright i’ll look into it later.

Great. Well i already installed on your [insert device here]. If you have any trouble just send me or any one of your grandchildren a message. Send the message to our first name. In my case johnny.




Email was the first killer app for the internet. Integral to its success. Inclusion will be paramount to MaidSafe success. We’re a long way from monopolizing functions and won’t get anywhere near it without some degree of direction. Developers have far more interesting opportunities to explore than messaging, and it’s messaging that makes that possible.


You should be able to toggle everything IMO. Support off the bat is also critical to wide adoption IMO. If a user gets frustrated its nice to be able to ask a friend or a core support dev.

This would also allow support devs to gather (as they’re contacted) valuable statistics about UX experience and requests. Allowing for further refinement and ensure that the slew of third party devs get a healthy user base as a result of a magnetic and intuitive entry point. SAFE aint nothin without its users :v:

Once SAFE is popular users will have more options and some things will just be common knowledge. Though it’ll be a while. It’s been years since android and IOS have emerged and i still see the older generation 40+ scratching their melons when trying to perform some actions. :sweat_smile:


I agree, would be cool to have some web_apps from MaidSafe bundled. So when people download the SAFE Browser for the first time it could show an app for ID, messaging and a wallet.


I agree that apart from messaging, a wallet would be a great idea as well.

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I suppose there will be some resistance to this because of bloat. This cannot be stated enough.

If you add messaging then what else will people feel should be added.

Leave it to ADDONs so that those who want it can have their preferred version in the browser OR as is more likely have a basic messaging APP that people can use. Maybe a improved version of the MAIL demo APP that we have in this test and have it included in the basic bundle that is downloaded. There is so much that can be done with messaging including a replacement for email which the mail demo looks more like. Some people want “conference message threads” along with their one to one message threads. Its this sort of complexity that will bloat a browser and it can be done with an APP or ADDON or javascript.

Unix taught us that simple usually single purpose built applications can create a very powerful environment when combined. No bloat in the apps.

Personally I don’t want a bloated browser with limited features when APPs can provide massive features and be tailored for the user.


Hi Neo,

I believe there are three fundamental things you need on the Safe Network,

  1. A Browser
  2. A message/email service
  3. A wallet for the Safe coins, to easily make payments (as Polpolrene proposed)

If you combine those three into the first “app” a user downloads (the Safebrowser), you have the killer app that will turn the safe network into a success, as from day one.

I don’t see bloating as you state, I see functionality and therefore quick user adoption.

The rest of the apps can be developed separately by developers.

I sincerely hope to see all this integrated when the Beta launch will be there in the future.

All the best,

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And why make it into the browser? A browser is for browsing sites. Why not supply a APP manager which links to those 3 Applications.

The reason I think its bloat is that these 3 things are fundamentally different functions and can be tied together by an APP manager rather than overload one APP to try and be 3 APPs in one.


simply supply 2 sites that the user can visit using the browser app and one is a javascript APP giving messaging and one site is a javascript App giving wallet functionality. Then have the home page include links to those 2 sites. Then you can also add other functionality by having sites, rather than load the APP code into the browser

tl;dr There is no need to include the APP code for those 2 extra APP into the browser to give the new user the 3 functions (browse, message, wallet), so why do it. And then if there are more functions people think essential they can be added in an APP manager or as sites to visit with javascript code on the site to perform the function


First of all the Safe Browser is your entry-point to the Safe Network and it will show you all you need to know within a blink of the eye: new messages, your safe coin balance and whatever you want to browse, all on one screen. No switching from a browser to an email client to a wallet.

That is why it is called a “killer app” because it integrates all in one, in a very functional way.

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If you need this then what about my other suggestion. Have all your MUST HAVE apps as links on the landing page and then each of those sites can have the APP as part of the site (say javascript)

Then you have both the APPs “in the browser” without overloading the browser functionality.

NO need to make the browser much more complex and greater chance of bugs due to the additional complexity. Plus you can update those APPs without the user downloading them.

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That would not make it an “all” within a blink of the eye and would involve too much switching back and forth.