Messaging Apps mailstore formats

I’ve been administrating my email server changing over from mbox to maildir and was wondering if the MaidSafe devs were considering what type of mailstore that they would implement on their messaging app - the one that’s bundled with litestuff (presumably).

mbox and maildir have the ability to interact with a whole bunch of scripts that are currently available, and those scripts can be tweaked to work with the Network’s limitations. However, here is an opportunity to create a whole 'nother mailstore format that’s unique to the Network - on top of what the core messaging scheme implements.

This may be proprietary IP for the moment, but I was wondering if any of the Maidsafe devs would be willing to chime in with their thoughts or preferences.


Really good point, we did debate message formats, but ended up very simple. There is a messaging RFC but it does not go into format detail. Perhaps an RFC to concrete that would be very good. Worth looking at many of the new “secure” message systems as well as some recent distributed message system formats. It is an area to firm up for sure.