Meshnets on Maidsafe

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You know software defined radio is using WiFi (Radio waves)


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You’re going far. I asked if I was dreaming :wink:
But why not, we need to open our minds. Maybe one day we’ll see some kind of organic internet. Like in Avatar. Purpose would be totally different I think and our society would be at the antipodes of what we know today.
In the meantime can someone tell if safe network would run well over an optical meshnet? Or meshnets in every form is still out of scope…


Running the crust test now… another small step towards Safe over meshnet…


MaidSafe isn’t optimized for meshnets. I was trying to present things that would be required of it to cooperate with other systems to get the thing to work. Unfortunately it would seem we can’t admit to any faults now can we?

I would disagree. Safe is pretty much just a tweaked DHT, a DHT has a stable structure (if a node has its place in the network then there is not much need for it to build up new connections). On the clearnet (as opposed to safenet) you would need to build up new connections on each request.

One of the biggest issues with meshnets is the pathfinding, they usually make the protocol really expensive by storing the whole topology on all nodes, just to make the pathfinding faster.

If you would combine Safe with a meshnet you could make the meshnet protocol more efficient by sacrificing on the route discovery speed.


Bio-chemistry is really slow compered to the speed of electromagnetic impulses travelling at around the speed of light. So the response time will be higher. But that’s independent of the bandwidth, so it’s still possible to reach high bandwidth.


Robots mining asteroids while also scanning space for dangerous impact threats and preventing them from hitting Earth (Tunguska+ scale), while offering also vital IT services… safenet, technological civilization and humanity in the service of whole biosphere and Mother Earth <3


Quantum biology gets much wierder, not just quantum computation in photosynthesis, but the numerous hypothesis’ and conjectures of non-local organic communication.


Haven’t seen Netsukuku yet mentioned, but it sounds very similar to Safenet aims and ideals. According to this blog post, it is not all dead.

Netsukuku is an open mathematical problem whose solution consists in finding a scheme of dynamic compact routing.

The homepage has link to the source code, I’m curious how far has SAFEnet succeeded in solving this problem and how it compares with the Quantum Shortest Path Netsukuku algorithm.


Instead of plugging your product you should talk about how mobile phone radios are all that is needed. If the firmware is made open.

What really is needed is reverse engineering all the most popular mobile phones radios and allow them to be used as nodes in a mesh network.

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