Meshnets on Maidsafe


That kind of caching could work for static content, but it would seem to me that standard software (like Squid) would provide these features better for dynamic content. For something “in between”, like RSS feeds, either may be good.


Hee this is fun

These guys even know about Maidsafe



Take pcell type tech and get rid of its back haul. Use LiFI on cars and outside lamps and direct line of sight optical.


Why couldn’t we use LiFi to create an orbital uplink mesh? Stick a couple LiFi relays on some mountaintops or something to minimize cloudcover issues then shine all the way up into space and back down again. Probably wouldn’t be perfect but it would probably help and should be a damn sight faster than transmitting radio waves given light moves faster than radio.


There was a project that attempted to set up full bitcoin nodes in low earth orbit satellites.
It was called BitSat, lead by Jeff Garzik.
The project has been cancelled, but they did take some serious consideration to implement the idea.

The thing is to maintain these constellations it should have a viable business model, these nanosatellites in LEO could last about 1 to 3 yrs (several factors can shorten or lengthen its operational lifetime).

Regarding to using lasers in satellites for communication, there are several proposals, this is one of them:

PS: Considering that the SafeNetwork is quite unique in its incentive model with several potential revenue streams, there MAY be a way of supporting our own satellite network and getting the network pay itself its costs. Running a bitcoin node in space is quite limited businesswise compared to running a SafeCoin farmer in space 24/7…


Just throwing this idea out there but what if, once you had satelites up there, you got them to self replicate and spread. It’s not like there’s a lack of space junk up there to feed on or anything and there’s plenty of solar energy. This would a) allow them to farm for safecoin passively. b) Serve humanity as a whole by feeding on space junk. c) Spread the SAFE network further out and around the planet creating a wider mesh net. d) Over the long term you could have such nodes build an information bridge to Luna or over the REALLY long term perhaps even to neighboring planets like Venus or Mars, or into the asteroid belt. Of course new sources for materials would be needed but there are asteroids, comets, Luna, whatever else.


Radio waves travel at the speed of light.


Having a space fab is something that will happen, but it is still far away.
One of the main objectives of Deep Space Industries is not to just mine asteroids but to build factories in space.

Processing raw materials and having self-replicating satellites would be the next logical step. It would be way cheaper to have satellites deployed from space than to keep rocketing to orbit.

That’s decades away though.



I look forward to seeing mesh tech installed in factory cars to allow people to use cars as a cell tower. Mesh is comming to cell phones someday.


Could this make peer to peer mesh networking become widespread adoption in certain cases?


Out of interest, how did you find out about deep space industries, and that project?