MeshKit by Open Garden


Hell frigging yes. Good share @19eddyjohn75


love to see SAFEnet take advantage of wifi networks … probably a bit down the track though.


I almost think this may be pretty straightforward (as it’s an open source module meant for app integration) and actually work for maidsafe mobile. Since the phones will basically just be client (no vaults or farming yet) and using the authenticator, this might be a possibility. I’d like to hear from the team @maidsafe but dang this would be super cool if it was a yes.

If vaults on mobile would be part of the equation then any waiting to pass along data via mesh kit, would time out a vault connection and not fair well for you because node ageing would want to derank you.

But if just the client then maybe it would work out.


But SAFE must run on mesh. It is inevitable and necessary!


I’ve been a fan of Freedombox & Open Garden for a while. Was hoping to see them work with SAFE Network one day. Maybe Open Garden & SAFE Network will eliminate the need for Freedombox.


The first time I ever heard of Maidsafe was in a conversation about Mesh nets and the feasibility of a chain of cheap cantenna relays between Glasgow and Edinburgh
"You want to check out Maidsafe, they will be big on mesh nets soon."

“Maid who?”
“Some mob down in Troon, they have some weird ideas about networking”
"Oh, might check them out, mebbe easier to start with a link from Glasgow to Troon. What’s their website?"
That was late 2013.


Nice find @19eddyjohn75 :slight_smile:

Now someone make it work over 4g and … Coupled with Safe we see the end of the old internet :slight_smile:


Now, that was a fortuitous conversation! :slight_smile:


So mesh kit is awaiting a browser or other application? @Nigel care to flesh out where you were going? SAFE mesh on phones is what the world needs along with secure phones. This stuff is life and death to stop the politics of increasingly ravenous petrol bailouts.

Well the open garden mesh kit is not on github and it seems on the open garden website you have to contact them for further information about the SDK but as far as integrating it with an app like say safe mobile it really depends on the nitty gritty details of whether mobile will do any routing etc or simply just be able to authenticate to the network and function as a client. I think someone from maidsafe should be the ones to answer though but I suspect mobile could go in a couple different directions but I think the first will be one of access and use and less about contribution to the network till later but then the question is will it all play nice with the intermittent connectivity of mesh???


I don’t think intermittent connection can be more than an inconvenience for clients.

Vaults, however, do need a stable connection, so we’d have to wait for a sufficient level of saturation for them to work through a mesh network, even in cities. Also, the connection level protocol will need to (or maybe it already can) handle roaming: I would be accepted as myself even if I’m connecting from a new IP address. QUIC (mentioned here) for example is a transport protocol built on top of UDP, and it uses proper sessions instead of IP address/port combinations, so it may help with that.


Exactly. The only thing I can think of is have not just mesh from the app level but having it recognized from the vault level if not going the simple client route. I completely agree vaults won’t work until there is enough saturation with not only mesh but people using maidsafe mobile. There might even be a transition period though where there could be mesh vaults that are only allowed a very small percentage of quorum per section and allowed to spectate unless connected, then could help in consensus or routing. Most likely vaults on mobile will logically be restricted to being hooked up to wifi and power supply until the world is covered in mesh or there is free public wifi broadcasted all about as well.


And so the answer is that mesh mustvhave sufficient density and persistance. A matter of time.

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Tokenize everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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