Mesh mode , extra farming opertunity?

Once you have a truly decentralised network, would we need ISPs for much longer?

If I could run a node in “mesh mode”, could that be incentivised in some way to a safecoin payment in the future?
Imagine, using WiFi cards to connect to the SAFEMesh in your neighbourhood.

I guess instead of paying a monthly fee to an ISP, you could pay an amount of safecoin to the network to access internet services?

Safe would still then be free over ISPs.


I just wrote a partial answer in Features :sunglasses:

It is possible to build mesh networks with Wifi or Bluetooth, but somewhere a connection to the existing Internet must be made. So if you dont have an Internet connection you will have to share with a neighbour who has one, so you are indirectly still using an ISP.

The networks I mentioned in my other post are financed by subsidies and individual idealism.

I would appreciate it very much if Safe would get a mesh component, but in my opinion it would then be better to support this component with a separate “Meshcoin”. Safecoin will be designed to optimize disk space availability. it would be wrong to overload it with a second and third purpose, namely Bandwidth and Connectivity optimisation.

There has been some discussion recently of the possibilties of creating Altcoins within Safe and how easy that is going to be. Even if there is never going to be a Safe Mesh, it is very well possible to define a Bandwidth and a Connectivity Coin in Safe, that can then be used within existing Mesh networks to optimise their processes.


Safecoin will be able to carry value for multiple purposes, as the farming rate can be set at the right level to incentivise farmers irrespective of the market price of Safecoin.

An equivalent to farming rate for bandwidth provision could also be made that can adjust incentives for providers irrespective of the market price of Safecoin, or the farming rate.

I like the idea of another coin on the network specifically for this purpose though, as various types of mesh & incentive structures could be tried without MaidSafe needing to code it into the core network.

An incentivised mesh definitely needs to happen, and the Safe network could enable this in ways I don’t think a blockchain can, mainly due to volume, cost, and speed of transactions.


Some brilliance behind that idea!

Check out LTEDirect. I have been working for a long time on a mesh style system that can remove the need for ISPs. It is crucial that we get there some day and I haven been wondering how best the SafeNetwork can help. High population areas are easy to mesh, its connecting those hubs which is difficult and where ISPs come in. We don’t need to solve it all at once, bit by bit would be fine.

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