Mental Energy is all in One Bucket

A very interesting talk: I haven’t cross-checked the scientific claims so consider it “provisional.”

Summary: You have a finite, total amount of mental energy and it is fungible. That is, what you use up on one mental task is no longer available for another, completely different mental task. And “mental task” include paying attention to whatever. Therefore, husband your attention with care.

It confirms the efficacy of something I have practiced for a long time

Without watching it… each person will have different capacity and the other obvious point is that being clever, is not about working hard; it’s about working effectively. Too often a lot of energy can be used up in confusions and then working against systemic errors.

How you apply what you have, is most important. If you indulge the stupidities, then you liable to have a different experience.

The other simple analogy that can be put in such a bucket, is the notion that of hardware and software. If you’re short of an eye test pushing the wrong peddle in a Lada Riva, you might miss the view that a skill driver with their Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita might see.

Thanks for the laugh, that’s my 2c of attention that I’m willing to spare.

:shrugs: bluebird’s mental energy usefully being applied elsewhere perhaps.