Memes for the SafeNetwork... Any suggestions?

Lighthearted is good… Fear bad. Agreed



SAFE, an answer to the problem of fascist media and fascist states.

couldn’t stop thinking about this one while working in a liquor store, walking around doing nothing by myself except laughing

On Safenet, you decide what’s safe.

Making work voluntary.

Fire the employer class.

Wages not profits…

back wages with interest

…ending the delusion of thinking we can order people around with money.

the death of the capitalists class

profits are an inefficient ineffective use of capital

if there is profit it should not be wasted on capitalists

Secure Access For EVERYONE… even political wingnuts!


But I’d like a more PC term than “wingnuts!”

Secure Access For EVERYONE… and moonbats.

Who about blue wombats?

Thought I’d point this out in case it was missed.



I recently posted the following:

So for a meme maybe it’s better something like: “Hey…where is the host in your URL !?!” (it’s my first meme attempt ever, so please don’t laugh, I’m new to twitter also…yes…I know! :slight_smile: )


I like the #notablockchain part! :slight_smile:

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What does it mean???

Credit to @bigbtc for that one (I think). Pretty sure he said it in response to Kim’s suggestion about using it.

Agree though, love it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thumbsup @Jabba - appreciate that and I think I recall using it but I think @ioptio may have been before me . Regardless, its now a community asset and a great hashtag and I look forward to it trending.

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Now I’ve got something I’m sure any bigot would LOVE to see when they think of SAFE. Allow ActiveX controls, and treat internet explorer like it’s 2004.


The answer to 1984 is: R U SAFE? :smile:

Memes are something that happen organically. They will happen once this project works and people start using it.

You can put enormous effort and millions in creating them, and they will still fail. On the other hand you can put millions in fighting them, and they still prevail.

One of the most current examples of this is CTR/the clinton campaign spending millions and gaining next to nothing, while trump campaign spends next to nothing, and still gain primetime news coverage of how “pepe the frog” is radical.

One was spontaneous, the other was planned and bought.