Melbourne Australia Meetup Tonight April 20!


I agree, having some simple JavaScript examples for people to get started on will help a lot. Just getting a build environment for safe_nodejs is proving beyond many skilled Devs here, and for showing code examples it will help a lot too.

I’m not sure of its status, but @whiteoutmashups has also done some great work on providing this. See below. I think his and @DavidMtl’s work will need updating for the latest API though.


Yeah, the code I did last year is outdated. I’ll probably get back to it when things settles.


And I know @frabrunelle said they will post some of their own snippets of code as examples for everyone to learn from, when they’re ready to


Hi Peter,

It was great to catch up with you. Good stuff, keep up the hardwork and look forward to seeing you next month. I had nearly forgotten how enjoyable it’s to discuss something interesting like safe and the crypto space in person.

Work has been exceedingly busy, with all that is going on with IBM - so finding time for side activities like crypto and attending them has been rather challenging. The beers were great, but I had to drive :slight_smile: so had to slow down pretty quick.

Great presentation too by the way. Cheers Nhial


You too Nhial, thanks for coming, looking forward to seeing you next month. I’ve sent you a direct email.