Melbourne Australia Meetup Tonight April 20!


I will not be able to make tonight because of pre planned personal event but am sure @PeterRobertson and team can organise a stream or recording :wink:

If you are in Melbourne or surrounds do come along and the best way to help SAFE grow is to bring a friend. If you have friends that work or are interested in technology, gadgets, telecommunications, web design, development, seo, coding or maybe just interested in finance and investments bring them along!



interesting it seems to be clashing with

Unlocking China - The Airwallex And Latipay Story

Which many be going too including myself. Had not even realised Safedev was on.



Mate come to safe dev…

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How did it go @PeterRobertson ? Good turnout?



Unfortunately, very quiet, two punters and a few drop-ins only. Clearly we must try harder.



Its the 1200 mile drive that hinders me attending :wink:



Send a drone on your behalf.

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I’m down to help organise the next event. What’s say we do some flyer drops around the tech hubs and uni’s as well as put a small budget into FB ads sending users to the meetup group page?

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Hmm… It’s all about commitment, isn’t it? :slight_smile:



That is great, I’ll get Grant involved in this conversation.



Sorry Peter, couldn’t make it. I was going to drop the other one and turn up like @goindeep pointed out :slight_smile: but than I fell realy ill and had to leave the office early. Let’s see the next one, I try adn turn up for it, if only just for the chat.

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No problems Nhial, hope to see you next time.

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Don’t be discouraged guys. From little acorns… :slight_smile:

This whole project was just an idea once!

There were just two people attended my first men’s group, plus two ‘organisers’ who attended for just the first two meetings to give encouragement and get us started. Second meet was three, then four. That self run voluntary group ran non stop for several years, meeting every two weeks.



Thank you, and we’re not, we now have someone (goindeep) willing to help us promote the next event and the general sense that we’re gaining momentum, with 50 members on our meetup site and a steady rate of new enrolments. It’s all good and I appreciate you looking in on us.





Hi @PeterRobertson, I know how it feels sometimes since I’m experiencing the same, but I know this is the way it just is, and I’m confident people will eventually start to show up, they are there watching us :smiley:, just a bit shy to show up. In my case I suspected this was gonna be the case and considered it as the whole reason to do it, a challenge…you know.



Quite right! :slight_smile:



We really value what you guys are doing @PeterRobertson and @bochaco and it is not going unnoticed. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and I’d be optimistic that with the publication of the new APIs and having a stable network to develop against will make a big difference.

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Thanks Nick, and we really appreciate EVERYTHING you guys on the team are doing. Thanks for checking in!



Melbourne, Australia Safenetwork Meetup No 3 for 2017 was held last night.

We slightly increased our numbers to six, and are slowly finding our way. If you happen to know anyone in this part of the world, please refer them,

I was very pleased to be able to demonstrate the client apps using the community-developed Mock Routing pack, Mock-routing questions. This was the first time I’d been able to actually show the experience of accessing and publishing to the VFS, and it was very encouraging.

I had also wanted to go a bit further into the APIs, but have found the examples a little daunting. (I’m not a front-end dev). I’d really appreciate some bare-bones, atomic examples of the fundamental and essential API calls to get started with. I also prefer to introduce this type of thing to others without having to wade through frameworks and heaps of dependencies.

If anyone has some simple naked web stack material (no framework etc), that they’d like to share, we’d be very grateful. (I’m not against frameworks for projects, they’re essential, it’s just that there are many and when all you want to do is start to bang away against an api, a framework that you’re unfamiliar with puts a lot of friction into the process.)

I’ll keep you posted on our next meetup, and when we get some more people and a bit more polish, we’ll probably begin to video.





… and answered my own question… Help making tutorial apps, posted exactly this last year. Look forward to playing with it later today.