MegaUpload 2.0 BnkToTheFuture (Pointless?)
I wonder what is the relevance of MegaUpload when SafeNetwork exists.


Bitcache might be great for bitcoin, but it doubt that cause basicly its a centralized bitcoin system that just keep the btc untill its withdrawn (if i got the idea correct).

Megaupload, is just a fancy way to get visitors it will be a platform build on top of a decentralized storage like maidsafe, Basicly its a app on top of “x network” that might handle files really easy.
Apps can be valueable if they are used.

But it might be that im completely wrong but thats what i got from it.

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Right now it seems that the ‘value’ comes from Kim Dotcom being involved, not even directly as stated in the pitch. Is there any code or documentation available already?

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With innovation and new markets you always see a lot of companies/projects pop up that seem to do the same thing. I once read that dozens of car companies showed up in the late 1800’s. Even electric ones. Same for an NVIDIA presentation I saw lately. They learned about 1500 startups doing machine learning. A lot of overlap for sure. But at the end it matters: who has the best technology, easy of use, management, price and more.

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Yeah, but it nags me that Kim Dotcom pretends to take the credit for decentralized networks, safe storage, encryption and even the concept of the “new internet” with MegaNet, because according to him “it has never been invented”.
In fact, Kim Dotcom seem to want to take the credit for “inventing” 2 factor authentication as well.

I am starting to wonder if he is not fat but filled with helium as well.

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Seems like now there is a huge deadline for safe network. It is going to be extremely hard to explain to 95% of the people on this planet why safe networks file storage is better and worth moving over to from mu2. Because let’s face it, from a file hosting view mu2 seems to have all the bells and whistles besides decentralization and self authentication.

@reivanen have you downloaded their demo yet? Let us know how it goes… until then there’s not much worth talking about here IMO - it’s wasted energy. Better to focus on creating SAFEnetwork in whatever ways each of us is able.