MegaNET - KimDotCom encripted network

What are your thoughts about MegaNet? It will be able Maidsafe to compete with MegaNet?

We should remind that first rule of marketing is: Be the first.

Doesn’t matter if you are better, be the first is the most important most of the times. And right now, MegaNet is becoming the first decentralized encrypted internet project in the minds of the masses.

We don’t have too many details about MegaNet, only some tweets from KimDotCom:

“How would you like a new Internet that can’t be controlled, censored or destroyed by Governments or Corporations? I’m working on it #MegaNet0

#MegaNet is non-IP based. No more DDoS or hacking. No more censorship. No more
spying. All your mobile phones become an encrypted network.”

“You’d be surprised how much idle storage & bandwidth capacity mobile phones have. #MegaNet will turn that idle capacity into a new network.”

“The blockchain will play an important role and battery drain won’t be an issue with hundreds of millions of phones carrying #MegaNet.”

#Meganet won’t rely exclusively on mobile networks at launch. But the more
powerful phones become the more data & traffic they will carry.”

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I don’t think many of us fear competition. The more projects, the better! Security, privacy and freedom is the only thing that matters. As for being first…Maidsafe is already 1st…1st decentralised “AUTONOMOUS” network.

Kim got this? No, he does not, and we know that without seeing the product or knowing anymore details…due to the fact that the login (to an autonomous network) is protected by defensive patents, and held by a Scottish charity, The Maidsafe Foundation.

Please correct me if i have this wrong, thanks


I’m curious to hear more about that project in the future. But I doubt
that he’s gonna pull off anything even remotely close to project SAFE.
Especially if it’s blockchain-based. Won’t scale very well in my mind…


If Kim Schmitz is involved, it’ll come with strings attached.


We should remind that first rule of marketing is: Be the first.

Doesn’t matter if you are better, be the first is the most important most of the times.

This is way overstating the importance of being first, and patently not true. If you would like to state a few cases where first mover remained dominant?

Let’s see what Kim has. If it’s better than SAFE, hats off to him.


It’s really important be the first. Maybe Meganet is totally different and we can’t consider them a real rival, but the first is always really important.

  • Cocacola as the first commercial soda drink. Leader today.
  • Hertz as the first rental company. Leader today.
  • Heineken as the first imported beer in US. Leader today.
  • Miller Lite as the first light beer in US. Leader today.
  • Harvard as the first university in US. Leader today.
  • Time as the first weekly US magazine. Leader today.
  • Playboy as the first men’s lifestly magazine. Leader today.
  • Jeep as the first all-wheel car. Leader today.
  • Acura as the first japanese luxyry car. Leader today.
  • IBM as the first mainframe producer. Leader today.
  • Chrisler as the the first minivan. Leader today.
  • HP as the first desktop laser printer. Leader today.
  • Gillete as the first razor. Leader today.
  • Tide as the first laundry detergent. Leader today.
  • XEROX as the first photocopier (“xerox”). Leader today.
  • Kleenex as the first “kleenex”. Leader today.
  • Microsoft as the first GUI. Leader today.
  • Gore tex… Fiberglass, Krazy glue, Q-tips, Advil, PostIt, Velcro…
  • Apple as the first personal computer, ipod… leader today.
  • Amazon as the first major online global store. Leader today.
  • Facebook as the first social network. Leader today.
  • Dropbox as the first to execute cloud storage in a large scale for everybody. Leader today.
  • Whatsapp as the first mobile mesagging app. Leader today.
  • Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency. Leader today.

I can continue this list how long you want it. You can always find some exceptions where the first was not able to maintain its leadership, Alta Vista is one, but the common rule is: FIRST = LEADER.

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I agree with you but feel there are more variables. Which will be more secure, which will be faster, which is scalable, which has a better UI, which is almost dummy proof? If these things go against one network long enough eventually the superior will be adopted. I wonder did maidsafe catch the excitement first? by being at Bitcoin conventions? Perhaps ethereum did. Or are you stating first to “market”? Either way better to have something rock solid and that the creators who hold the highest standard are happy with

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First is not always better. Case and point, the freenet project has been around for more than a decade and I’m sure we can all agree that we do not consider it to be a real rival to the SAFE Network.


Very True. Being first does have the “Network Effect” advantage. But the better product/service will survive long term.

  • Myspace came before Facebook.
  • Everquest came before World of Warcraft.
  • There was a search engine before Google… I don’t even remember the name.

Bottom line, whichever brings a better user experience, and appeals to the masses, will do well. But nothing lasts forever. Otherwise we would still be using horses today.


Yes. I agree. I just wrote this thread to have in mind this :wink:

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Most of these examples are not the first in their industry. There were countless soda companies before Cocacola. IBM may be one of the first in its industry but it is no longer the leader it used to be. IBM also came before Apple, HP, and Xerox. Microsoft actually stole their GUI from Apple and Apple stole there GUI from xerox. MySpace came before Facebook. Google had cloud storage before Dropbox. And bitcoin was preceded by numorious cryptocurrencies that never caught on, for example MAID SAFE had perpetual coin years before bitcoin. So no first is not always leader.

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Your examples are not “first” but “first to dominate” which is not the same. I’m not convinced they are all valid, Apple first PC? Dominant? But I’m not going to check or quibble about your claims, i’m just pointing out that first does not equal dominance in the way you are presenting it.

I agree first would be important if you have a product that’s ready for market and is the best, but it does not determine dominance, that is more about first to dominate and control a market that has become mature. To do that brands either buy control of a market or create the best product. MaidSafe have to do the latter, and launching early could undermine that as much as launching late. So first is good, but more important is superior at time of launch, unless the market is mature, in which case it doesn’t matter

So long as there is room to innovate there is the potential for earlier, even dominant brands to be unseated.


There was a search engine before Google… I don’t even remember the name.


(Shxx!, I’m too old!!!)


What I really mean is that all of them were probably the first in the mind of the masses. Ask someone who is the first soda, or the first computer, or the first SO, or the first social network.

The important is THE PERCEPTION of the people about the product. If the people begin to think about MegaNet as the fist anonymous, decentralized, secured network, later the place of Maidsafe will be compite with Meganet, even if Meganet is 50 times worse and less secure.

In fact Maidsafe is an 8 years old project as fas as I know, is older than Meganet, but if they achieve to deliver first and arrive first to the masses it will be much more hard promote Maidsafe if they are similar products.

I really like Maidsafe, as an internet user, bitcoin user and “investor”. I wouldn’t like that Meganet with a poor implementation of a decentralized network buries 8 years of work of Maidsafe and more than 1 millon lines of code.

There is always some exceptions of course, but the network effect is very important.


Does anyone remember Juno?

Looking over comments so far, I see a lot of back and forth about whether “first is dominant”, but does anyone really think that Kim Dotcom and his crowd really have a system ready to go that has any very high-level of function, or is it an idea to tweet about?

What he casually tweets about is very appealing, but I’m having doubts about his ability to really deliver at this stage.

The ideas behind Project SAFE are starting to get broader play and appeal, but those ideals are not likely to be achieved by a plan cobbled together with a little of existing this-and-that. It is fabulous that the ideas have traction and are getting exposure, even if the SAFE network isn’t directly credited. Nobody was really talking about this till recently. David Irvine and team have been working on the model for 9 years. And from what I can see, SAFE has the ability to actually deliver.

MegaNET, Adept, etc., are great ideas and all their promotion will just help the SAFE network, because (hopefully) it will be the only one to really deliver on the goods right away.


Maidsafe is gonna be incredible, the effort done already is gigantic. The more I can see from it, the more excited I get.


Are you sure all of these were the first? Remember myspace? Facebook was exactly the same, but there were certainly similarities.

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There is so little information about MegaNet that it is hard to draw many conclusions. It is unlikely to be a serverless and autonomous network like SAFE as it would seem infeasible to run this type of network on mobile phones as they keep disconnecting. It sounds like it might be more like some kind of mobile mesh network, like Firechat, incorporating the blockchain in some way. I guess we will find out in due course.


Great article on how/why the WWW won out and not Project Xanadu, (that was far superior - had micropayments, secure etc etc)

“Duct tape programmers are pragmatic. Zawinski popularized Richard Gabriel’s precept of Worse is Better. A 50%-good solution that people actually have solves more problems and survives longer than a 99% solution that nobody has because it’s in your lab where you’re endlessly polishing the damn thing. Shipping is a feature. A really important feature. Your product must have it.”

First is definitely not a pre-requisite for dominance. Things/ideas are unseated every time.

But that does not mean that speed is unimportant, especially if you’re trying to spread it to users. The right amount of speed to market and good features == a recipe for success.