MeetUp Sofia, October 23 at 11 PM – 5 PM

Hello friends,

today (October 23) at 11 AM – 5 PM I will be in Central Sofia Market Hall to promote SAFE. Anyone in the area is welcome to MeetUp with me!

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I rarely see or hear Bulgarian, so it’s fun seeing it here. I understand it pretty well, at least in writing.
It’s almost like real Russian.


I heard it was closer to Ukrainian with a slight Turkish accent :red_car:


I know nothing about Turkish, except supposedly it’s a bit “special”. Do you have a Turkish accent, @Dimitar? :slight_smile:

I think the closest thing to Bulgarian I ever studied was Old Church Slavonic - I believe a mix of old Macedonian and old Bulgarian. I reckon Ukrainian is something in between Russian and Polish.

Regardless of language, the heart of Mother Russia in Viking times was Kiev in what is now Ukraine.


Turkish has nothing to do with Bulgarian, but it is a fact that after 500 years of slavery we are left with many words from the Turkish language…

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@Dimitar I know this -just winding you up :slight_smile: I hope your meetup went well. You are an inspiration to us all :slight_smile:

@Sacha Indeed -the Kievan Rus. So sad to see the conflict between Russia and Ukraine joyfully exacerbated by the US and their puppets using the scum of the Ukrainian fascist boot boys.

Sadly there is little positive on the horizon for Ukraine now. A lightweight Jewish actor as a president kept in place by the Azov fascists would make you laugh if it wsnt so sad. Ukraine has nothg but rolling fields that Monsanto has its greedy eyes on and NordStream just took away their only geopolitical bargaining chip. Still Hunter Biden made a lot of $$$…

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By the way, mentioning Viking times is relevant, as the name ‘Russia’ comes from Old Norse. ‘Rusland’ meant “Land of intoxication”. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Don’t quote me on this one.


Is that the Rus vikings?

I never heard the term “Rus Vikings”. To be perfectly honest, there seems to be some uncertainty as to the origin of the different forms of “Russia” - Rus’, Rossija, Rusland. I’ve read some piece of Nestor’s Chronicle, but it’s hardly historically accurate.

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Some pictures from the event :rocket:

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