Medium article about SAFE: The Problem with Money Online

Feedback welcome.

I will have another one completed shortly, I hope.


I like your article, it’s witty, funny and best part is the slow build up before blowing the juice on the face. Amazing read as always. Only 1 feedback, some sentences are too long. It might require people whom English is not the primary language to read a few time for proper digestion. Shorter version perhaps?

P/S: if you were to write a book I might buy :D. On the safenetwork please.


Really liked the article…

But be warned what you say about bitcoin

Hopefully SAFEcoin can shut these economists up and their “timelines” to end poverty.

I do wonder though if the WHM should not enable users to charge a fee, when app devs ask permissions (access phone, albums, camera, id phone conversations)?

This will revolutionize content, journalism, film, music, and TV forever!

It sure will, when you get paid in SAFEcoin for your content, you also get the fuel you need to upload more content, which could mean more SAFEcoin.

Keep writing, if I see it on the SAFE Network I’ll also tip for it.


Thanks @Wong I am glad you liked itg.
I’ve always enjoyed writing but never thought I was really any good at it. I used to sell a humor/comedy writing service as a side hustle and before that had a conspiracy blog, before that a satire website I ran, did some copy writing and even some hobby screen writing. All good, I hope you enjoy the articles and pass them along, that is the main thing.


Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoyed the article.
I mean I see what Lightning Network is trying to do but, and I suppose it was my fault for not explaining it well enough in the article, but, Bitcoin is still not hard coded into anything. All payment formats on the WWW face the same problem. None of the nodes have tokens and there is no token mechanism for them to exchange. I mean as nice as that video is, its still super clunky, awkward and kind of funny, white pieces of printed out paper having to be scanned. Look at all of the steps required to do that.

All that’s needed to make a lightning payment is a payment request. A QR code is just one way of getting that info into your wallet. Similar ends could be accomplished by clicking a hyperlink or tapping your NFC for example (although I don’t think wallets support those yet).

Sure. But how do yo have Bitcoin? You dont. You need to get it. And you cant use any digital or hard resources connected or apart of WWW to get it.

I see what your saying but my point is in comparison to SAFE it is very very different.

Agreed, this is one of the big appeals of SAFE. Bitcoin wasn’t so industrialized in the early days. The crypto on-ramps of today are definitely contrary to the ethos

As I said in the update thread, really great article. Thanks for it. And whoever reads it should clap it up. Can’t safecoin it yet, but can clap it!!

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What a great article!!! Just an easy read on how SAFE will change the world. I would clap it up, but Medium is asking for my credentials for no reason. No better way to proof your points :slight_smile:


you’re audience, you’re fans


your audience, your fans



I guess it just depends in which part of the world you are.

Scan and confirm your payment. Honestly I think they’ve made great progress, the products cost 6.90CHF, 4.20CHF and 4.60CHF and are paid for in bitcoin. What this means is that the bitcoins he pays are auto-exchanged for CHF in the background, because no store owner wants bitcoin’s volatility. bitcoin is even scarier than people might imagine, if a company like Abra decides to use the lightning network, it would wipe out it’s tx costs, banks, exchanges, stockbrokers and remittance all at once.

SAFEcoin got this covered on every front I agree, our biggest challenge is how to auto-exchange SAFEcoin to fiat or other cryptocurrencies, was hoping NVO would solve it, but these kids seem to be asleep (haven’t heard anything from them since the crowdsale, guess that’s how it goes, people give you time to play and you waste it and get wasted :champagne:). Luckily I won’t be needing nobody’s money for nothing that I do, although it takes more time the less grief if I don’t deliver. What beats me is how you cannot deliver on a platform, that lace your boots so that your app can kick @$$.

Yeah really enjoyed the article keep it up, next time I’ll tip

Great article. It makes perfect sense. I hope it draws a new population to Safe

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